IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in MARCH 2019

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There wasn’t a great number of quality new releases in my opinion, despite of my top 15 list. The new releases by Drawn Into Descent (thanks to Metal Gentleman’s review!), Equipoise, Usurper, Ringarë (thanks to Proua review!) and Venom Prison were also on the table a lot last month. The upcoming Incullter was also among my heavily rotated albums, and I’m going to save it for my April In Rotation bit. And of course, let’s not forget Evergrey’s Atlantis. 

I also quite some time with the albums for my reviews here – Mystifier, False Gods, Sodom 1987, SDI 1986, Hellripper new EP – all of them were on heavy rotation with me. You know I exclude these from my In Rotation list. 

I think the below five are deserving to be today here. 

DOWNFALL OF GAIA – Ethic of Radical Finitude

This an exceptional new album by the band. Stunning black metal, melodies, tempo, variety, heart and feel. The track names form a verse…


WARMOON LORD – Burning Banners of Funeral War

Absolutely amazing top notch black metal record. Probably among the finest in the most recent years.


HEADS FOR THE DEAD – Serpent’s Curse 

Again and again… My limited box with vinyl and goodies finally arrived, so it was obvious that the album will be played a lot.


BURNING WITCHES – Hexenhammer (+ Burning Witches)

Both albums by Burning Witches are in heavy rotation with me since November last year. Long time ago I haven’t been playing records so intensively as the Burning Witches albums. FinallyI  decided to include them here, both together. I just love what the ladies are doing.

TRAVELER – Traveler

Again here as in February. I just can’t stop listen to this album. One of the very best heavy metal releases over the past years.



1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos

Because of my vinyl again…Revisiting all over again. It is so captivating, with owl atmosphere, obscure suffocating breath. Superb black metal. Now, the new 10″ EP is out too and I’m enjoying it a lot, although it is two tracks only.

Count Vlad

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