Of Great Importance: Satan’s Defloration Incorporated

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This Sunday I decided to go back in time again and to share with you an album, which played huge role in the beginning of my metal days. We all have these albums with us, which we carry in our hearts forever. I could easily pick up the most popular bands or the most praised ones. Of course I went in the different direction, more under the ground. Where the gems can be found.

As I have stated many times here, my journey began in the autumn of 1989, strangely attracted by all bands logos I could see around – patches, drawings on jackets, notebooks, school bags. Logos drawn on the walls where the “dangerous scumbag” metalheads gathered to smoke, drink or whatever… Just around of the very last days of March (or first of April, memories blurred) 1990, I was in my blood thirst for METAL as a youngster in the field searching like to record whatever I could find available. I was 11 years and a half old by that time and my obsession has just began.

S.D.I. logo was often spotted around, and I managed to dig a only 30 minutes re-re-…recorded copy of their 1986 album, which I re-recorded to own tape. It’s been among my very first albums to own and paved the path to my metal life. I knew shit about the band, but the songs we so catchy, so anthemic, and so banging. The tempo, the drums, the riffs, the vocals – everything fitted so good to me. I barely could hear the lyrics but I could sing along whatever it sounded to me and head-banged like crazy. The band was really among the praised ones among the metalheads, and teh mystery hallo was shining around. Oh well, it have been so different times 30 years ago in my country. The speed/thrash style they were playing was (and still is) so toxic and captivating!

I still cannot stand still on the absolute mega-anthems like “Quasimodo”, “Panic in Wehrmacht”, “Young Blood”, “Chainsaw Massacre” (oh that scream and so frantic rhythm!!! I thought its a burp in the end, I was wrong of corse… No, I haven’t forgotten to mention the FOREVER hits “I don’t care”, “Take off you hands”, “I Wanna Fuck You” (imagine discovering this when you are 11 back then, on a METAL tape; and how you listen to it secretly, singing along…) and of course the ultra smasher “ballad” “You’re wrong”!!! Goosebumps!

Probably an year later I found the rest of the album, re-recorded. Overall it is a huge thrash album, a real gem. It starts and ends just in one breath. All tracks are in the typical speed/thrash tempo, solid underlined bass line, and very very catchy riffs. Over the years I heard so many legends of the band – nationality, playing etc… Of course I found out at the end they were German band, and also recorded their other 1987 and 1989 albums. Yes – the band has in total three albums released. I also discovered later that the abbreviation means Satan’s Defloration Incorporated (a line the album begins with in “Quasimodo”, but I couldn’t hear in 1990). By the way, in the past the abbreviations for the band’s names were so popular, weren’t they?

Unfortunately, S.D.I. coudn’t realize their full potential, especially having in mind the Teutonic storm. The band left back in time (mainly) with this 1986 gem, despite their other albums. “Sign of the Wicked”(1987) is kind of continuation of the debut however couldn’t grow in me as the debut. S.D.I. are still active but who know what will happen and when. It is worthy to mention here that their last live show with their original line up was in 2016 in Bulgaria. There is nothing by chance. The old love of the headbangers from the 80s is never ending…

My advise – make sure to find and listen S.D.I.’s debut album. Many times. With volume on max. You will thank me later.

By Count Vlad

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