Enisum – Moth’s Illusion

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Band: Enisum
Title: Moth’s Illusion
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 27 April 2019
Country: Italy
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

“Look deep into nature & then you’ll understand everything better”

Seems like a musical genius from Italy shares the same feeling with Einstein. He just decided to express this feeling & his strong bonding with nature in the form of black metal & I’m bloody grateful to the Metal Gods he did that. He’s LYS & ENISUM (its a backward anagram of an amount in Susa valley) is the blessing he bestowed upon us. He started ENISUM as a solo project in 2006 but its the inclusions of anti terrestrial drumming of DEAD SOUL, blackened bass grooves of LEYNIR & infrequent uses of the beautiful clean voice of EPHELIIN in 2014 which really helped this band reach new musical heights. Every album since then has been a masterpiece. Their transitions from enchanting acoustic works to harsh power chords & grim tremolos, from heavenly pluckings to hellish muted riffs make them one of the true behemoths of atmospheric black metal. Oh & the drumming of DEAD SOUL…the way he plays with open/close hat,uses odd time signature in his bass kicks in slower tempo intervals,uses those beautiful fills between transitions & shifts from thundering blast beats to tranquilizing quarter note beats..its like a jazz drummer, a progressive rock drummer & a black metal drummer met suddenly & thought “huh!we could do something special.”

So yeah, you get my point, they’re quite special..now what about their new album?

Ever since I heard that they were releasing a new album, one thing I was most excited about is “how’s gonna be the opening track?”… Check their last 3 albums & you’ll see that they have this habit of starting off with an unbelievable, majestic track. But boy oh boy they disappointed me here. I found that intro “Cotard” to be quite unnecessary. Guys you don’t need a pointless synth to portrait nature, let the guitars & drums do the talking! “Anesthetized Emotions” is good but I’m still waiting for that unpredictability, for that structured chaos. But I didn’t have to wait long. The way “Where Souls Dissolve” starts with those plucking, then a little strumming, then the electric chaos & the transition to starting those bloody blast beats…you are finally home..& your heart will wander through an epic 56 minutes journey of melancholy, wrath, luminescence, murkiness, mystery & unpredictability (told you ENISUM is obsessed with nature). It’s not possible for me to differentiate & analyze the songs after that(I’ve ranted enough already!) but plz listen very carefully. There will be some little moments, some little acoustic strummings, some little transitions..they’re the little things which make life beautiful.

Now another 2 things besides that start to the album (the last track of the album should’ve been the 1st track… But I can understand he wanted to make it more intense as the time progresses & kept the voice of EPHELIIN as a surprise till the end) which I didn’t like.

1)Excessive use of clean vocals of LYS sometimes (man I just want you to blast those guitar notes & keep growling & shrieking & let EPHELIIN do the clean vocals with her majestic voice).
2) LAST WOLF is too amazing to end this soon!… I wish it were a bit longer!

Except for these 3 things, its another black metal masterpiece from this amazing band. Though they have been compared with Cascadian Black Metal (not a bad thing to be compared with though, eh?), I think their unique compositions & the sense of suspense make them unique in their own way. It’s just ENISUM. It’s just ARPITANIAN BLACK METAL 8.5 Apollo



8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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