Exclusive Stream: False Gods – The Ladder

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There are tunes which make you dive into them and loose yourself into them. Delusional, blurry, vague, like blink of a memory of the last dream… Tunes that transcends you into another, parallel reality. Mesmerising. Then you listen and listen. And no matter how dark, nightmarish or full of brightness and magic they are, you are just stuck into them.

This is the case with  the brand new concept EP “The Serpent and The Ladder” by the New York’s FALSE GODS. The two tracks resulting in 12 minutes in total give us superb mix of doom, post-hardcore, sludge and psychedelia. Heavy riffs, atmospheric passages leading into that parallel universe of dreams and nightmares suddenly rises into frantic crying solo guitar peaks and twists, heavy vocals, shouts and cries and overall emotional burst, digging deeper into the wounded soul. Everything is leading into another dimension of painful hysteria in the end, in order to rediscover that you need that pain again until absolute exhaust. So many experiences, so many moods, so many cravings can be found in these two tracks. As the quintet states, this EP is “their darkest, their heaviest, most experimental and at times most melodic” yet.

The EP is the third official release of the FALSE GODS after 2016’s “Wasteland” and 2017’s “Reports from Oblivion”. Being a huge step forward for the band, I highly recommend “The Serpent and The Ladder”. It will be officially released on 19 April 2019, so make sure not to miss it. For now, let’s have an exclusive listen of “The Ladder” and climb into that another dimension and a state of emotional transformation.

By Count Vlad

False Gods are:
Greg March – Guitar
Mike Stack – Vox
Paulie Stack – drums
Johnny Geirak – bass
Nick Luisi – leads

 1. The Ladder
 2. The Serpent


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