Nordjevel – Necrogenesis

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Band: Nordjevel
Title: Necrogenesis
Label: Osmose Productions
Release date: 29.03.19
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: High quality digital promo

NORDJEVEL came crushing through the Black Metal scene with their debut album simply called “Nordjevel”. A bald statement of an album, which received raving reviews in different publications. NORDJEVEL was formed in 2015, and just a few months after, they signed a deal with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS. The name of the band is Norwegian for Northern Devil or Devil from the North. Formed by Dødsadmiral (formerly known as Djevel, vocalist of DOEDSVANGR, ENEPSIGOS, SVARTELDER) and Nord (TVANGESTE, FATAL IMPACT, VARDE). Since the debut album line-up changes has happened several times. On this release Dødsadmiral is joined by: Dezepticunt (VIDSYN, CRITERION, RAGNAROK) bass, Dominator (DARK FUNERAL, THE WRETCHED END, ODIUM) Drums, Valla (ABBATH, ALLFADER, VREDEHAMMER) Guitar, and finally guitarist extraordinaire Destructor (MYRKSKOG, ZYKLON, MORBID ANGEL). A lineup like this could easily be dubbed a “supergroup” of Black Metal. Thankfully “Necrogenesis” is not an album resting on the laurels of its members. On the contrary this a hungry bunch entering the studio to follow up their killer debut. Not forgetting their Ep from 2017 “Krigsmakt” containing 3 blistering BM tracks. Considering the pedigree of the people involved, it is no surprise that this is a confident, no bullshit, technical approach to BM in 2019. This is not lo-fi, the production is crystal clear, this is the natural evolution of how Norwegian BM can sound in this day & age. Drums, guitar and vocals has lots of room in the mix and fortunately even the bass is demanding space and attention. Overall there are no “technical” flaws in any part of this record. Technicality is fine but making Black Metal that stands out in the crowded scene today is not just about make the fastest, rawest, harshest or whatever. It is about creating that very special or unique atmosphere or feeling that separates the leaders from the followers in the scene. NORDJEVEL delivers an album which put them firmly in front of the not only the Norwegian scene, but the global scene as well.

“Necrogenesis” kicks of pretty much where “Nordjevel” finished in 2016. The change in personnel has not changed the overall sound, this is very much NORDJEVEL. The fast and furious tracks like “Devilry” and “Apokalupsis Eschation” bring to mind a kind of IMMORTAL meets 1349 vibe. On songs like “Sunset Glow” and “Nazarene Necrophilia” the mid-tempo is groovier and creates a great balance. A stand out track is the almost “Atmospheric” “Black Lights from The Void” a unique travel through a dark landscape. “Panzerengel” is the closer of the normal edition of “Necrogenesis” a track that will be hard to top this year, this one has it all 8.41 minutes of pure Blackened joy. It is a long track where NORDJEVEL displays all their tools to make pure BM art.

Conclusion is that this a very strong contender for Black Metal record of the year. The date stamp (2019) is the only thing that will work against it. To many so-called fans will probably not give this a chance based on the notion that all the great BM records were made in the 90`s. But hey, that is their loss, this is a mountain of a record, that I`m sure will stand the test of time.

Brilliance, just brilliance, Horns up for the mighty Nordjevel! 10/10 Harald



10/10 Immortal classic
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