IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in MARCH 2019

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HITTMAN – Hittman (1988)

Because: it still baffles me how this debut was released everywhere BUT in the USA, their home country. Klassik US Power Metal that was criminally ignored (mainly because of said opening fact) . Having said that, this album also arrived 4 years too late in terms of catching the Queensryche/Crimson Glory boat! Was finally re-issued in 2018!

THE POLICE – Ghost in the Machine (1981)

Because: It’s been 30 years since I listened to it in full. Hits aside, it’s the deep cuts that rule. Omega Man – wow! And Stuart Copeland – Lord! One of the most creative albums of the 80s. Massive transition album also as the band went full on global dominance with the follow up.

ANACRUSIS – Suffering Hour (1988)

Because: Ken Nardi! This debut album – with its dark and evil atmosphere – is one of the most original pieces of proto-progressive thrash ever. Like Coroner, Watchtower etc,  they were way ahead of their time and Suffering Hour itself really only hints of the progressive monsters the band would become. Essential!

FORBIDDEN – Forbidden Evil (1988)

Because: One of the greatest Thrash albums of all time! It’s all I need to say! What a debut! You know Paul Bostaph play on this? Christ man, get along….


SENTENCED – Amok (1995)

Because: The last with vocalist Taneli Jarva and one that, compositionally and style wise the band would never repeat again. ‘Amok’ is their take on the klassik Melo-death style before it actually existed. Of course, they would go on to become a late 90’s/early 00’s Gothic  Metal wonder whilst ‘Amok’ sits in their discography as long forgotten relic! An utter travesty!


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