IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in MARCH 2019

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Spring has been a busy one for the Squatch, but fortunately I was still able to catch a few wicked live shows and check out plenty of new releases. I’ve had tons to keep me occupied with great releases from Equipoise, Totaled, Vltimas, Haunt, Mystifier, and Venom Prison, as well as some cool announcements from the underground for things to come this year! The big one for me this month is without a doubt Devin Townsend, especially with it so hot off the press. But on a more underground note, I was just as excited to hear that some local bands I’ve been listening to for a while are finalising their latest work with new material coming soon from Varius and Smoulder in the coming months. My In Rotation list this month has some diverse material with a lot of twists and turns, so I hope you enjoy the ride. Metal Yeti


I have been listening to a lot of Devin Townsend in anticipation of his upcoming album “Empath”. Cranking up lots of Devin Townsend Project and Strapping Young Lad to try and set the mood. His work recently with DTP and everything off “Empath” is extremely zany and eccentric yet he still manages to be heavy and undeniably metal throughout. That can be very tricky to do in the progosphere, but Heavy Devy proves time and time again to be one of the true masters of progressive metal. While this one is surely not for everyone,“Empath” provides a window into Townsend’s mind and I for one can’t wait to explore this album more in the weeks to come!

VARIUS – Red Messenger

Varius are a great metal band that I’ve been keeping tabs on for a few years, with their blend of traditional groove and progressive metal styles giving them a classic and catchy appeal. Each of the three songs on their demo EP brings something slightly different to the table, showcasing their embrace of fast paced guitar melodies, progressive song structure, and mix of traditional and unorthodox instrumental combinations. Their music is also full of trippy and face-melting guitar solos and weird proggy fun which makes me eager for their next release later this year!

EQUIPOISE – Demiurgus

This year has been pumping out some amazing tech death so far, but the latest from Equipoise is extremely impressive delivering incredibly brutal metal with the technicality and originality cranked up. “Demiurgus” came out in the beginning of the month and it has been getting steady play time, with its use of blistering solos and unorthodox instrumental influences bringing me back for me for multiple listens trying to unpack all they have to offer. “Demiurgus” is a full throttle and bass foot forward listen which will no doubt be in my rotational repertoire for months to come!


Another incredible album I’ve been listening to a lot this month is the latest solo album from tech death mastermind Hannes Grossman. In case you are not familiar with the name, he is the drummer behind Alkaloid, Necrophagist’s “Epitah” and two of my favourite Obscura albums. Grossmann never disappoints, and “Apophenia” is no exception. This album is full of brilliant guest solos and twists and turns but delivers a powerful bottom line of raw power with the tracks Reeks Insidious,They, and The Flying Pizza Conundrum my favourite off the album.


I’ve been a huge Bodom fan for years, with their early albums introducing my young metal mind to melodic death metal and beyond. So when they deathrolled through Toronto with Wolfheart and Swallow the Sun earlier this month, I had to check them out! It had been years since I last saw Bodom, and they delivered a killer set full of old classics like Bodom Beach Terror and new gems of their latest album also released this month. I love listening to music in the days following a kick ass live show. This has made their new album even better for me, with all the intensity and energy still fresh in my mind. Check out their latest album “Hexed” if you haven’t already!


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