IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in MARCH 2019

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GJENDØD – Krigsdøger (2019)
A perfect serving of cold black metal. This is one of the better BM albums I’ve encountered this year.

FLAMEN – Furor Lurae (2019)
New release Italian atmospheric black metal with gorgeous folk melodies and a transportive medieval feel. I’ve repeatedly found myself getting lost for a blissful 41 minutes in the five absolutely stunning tracks of this release.

HALLATAR – No Stars Upon The Bridge (2017)
This breathtaking, and entirely heartbreaking album has been on high rotation over the past month, having recently procured a copy of the LP (with a gorgeous limited edition velvet-cover I may add). Hallatar are a phenomenal Finnish melodic, doom supergroup comprised of members from Swallow the Sun, Amorphis, Trees of Eternity and HIM. The story behind this album makes it all the more moving, being created by Juha Raivio (Trees of Eternity) using the poetry and lyrics from his late partner and fellow Trees of Eternity band member Aleah Starbridge. The weight of the music here is immense. It’s also quite diverse, transitioning through heavy moments of pure darkness, to a lighter eerie ambience. This album is an emotional journey and is certainly not for the faint of heart.

ABHORRENCE – Totally Vulgar (Live at Tuska Open Air 2013)
Live, old school Finnish death metal. Does anything further need to be said?!

REALM OF WOLVES – Oblivion (2018)
Flawless atmospheric/ melodic black metal from Hungary. If you somehow missed this album in the flood of releases late last year, please do yourself a favour and check it out, because this album is exquisite. This is the second time since it’s release that “Oblivion” has made it onto my ‘in rotation’ list, but I’ve continued playing it over the past month and simply can’t deny my pure love for this work. So here it is on my list once again, thus far the only album to achieve this feat and I can only imagine that it will be appearing here again in the future. ABM at it’s best!

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