Goatblood – Apparition of Doomsday

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Band: Goatblood
Title: Apparition of Doomsday
Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen
Release date: 27 December 2019
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

First of all, I must say this, do not confuse this band with the Australian band with the same name.

This GOATBLOOD band started them career in 2013 and after a few demos, some splits, two albums, they released this album named “Apparition of Doomsday”. If you know the band they are one of the best bands (In my opinion) playing Black Death Metal in the dirtiest and rotten way.

From what I read about them, they have a legion of fans, and they deserve it too.

Comparing this album with the two previous albums is the biggest one and it’s over 45min. That makes it boring? No. Not in my opinion. At the same time, this album (for me at least) is more Death Doom (in the older way, like was made at the beginning of the 90’s)  stuff comparing with the two previous albums. In the Death Doom Metal part, they sound to me many times old Autopsy.

So, even is this album they sound more Death Doom, they still playing a very good Black Death Metal.

Divided in 14 songs this album is a  good “slap” on the face of good music. 

Songs like “Beach of the Dead” are one of the faster, chaotic ones, with “crazy” solos on it and at the same time, it shows the most “dragged” part of GOATBLOOD music. “Pork Puzzle” (even if it is a short song) is also a very good song. and songs like “Deportation Isle”, “Miss Dead Body” or “Predators of the Horns” are songs that can show you in the best way what the band does.

In the eyes of many, this album and the music style played by this band can be repetitive, boring, tedious or uninteresting. Yes, I already heard people saying this, but to at least to me, is not.

I heard many times this album and I couldn’t find anything against it but at the same, I have to admit that, is not a masterpiece or a wonderful album, that kind of album that will “stay” for history. It is a very acceptable album in my opinion.

Despite that, it is an album that I really advise, to all Black Death Metal fans and just to them. 7/10 The Key Keeper



7/10 Victory is possible
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