Death Wolf – IV: Come the Dark

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Band: Death Wolf
Title: IV: Come the Dark
Label: Blooddawn Productions
Release date: 10 December 2019
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

So back in 2000 the band Devils Whorehouse was formed. As a Misfits/Samhain cover band which eventually started to work on their own creations, it only took them 11 years to make the decision of furthering their own material and take up the name DEATH WOLF. If you have a horror punk heavy metal friend out there and wish to give them the best (late) Christmas present you can find, I strongly recommend their newly released full length album “Come the Dark”. Available in limited edition 500 vinyl copies, this record is sure to hit the right spot.

The strong opener “He who Hates” is very similar to Satyricon´s „K.I.N.G“ and in fact, I felt as if the entire album had a certain sound that reminded me of something I had heard before without ever being able to figure out quite where I had heard it. Nevertheless there is a fat beefy tone with a slower middle section that adds a great depth to the track. It is a great opening track that draws the listener in, it certainly serves its purpose and I understand why this one is the first in line.

Metal gone rock, connection and inspiration by Marduk, punk, catchy choruses getting stuck in your head and sweet bass licks, just to name a few things that are a head in the coming tracks of “Edge of the Wood” and “Empower the Flame”. The whole thing is so well performed and presented, it is fresh in all its simplicity and there is a high risk of head banging. “Funeral Pyre” comes following a while later bringing forth heavier element without exactly sounding heavy, the fluidity of a mashed melodic segment is impressive. It’s a beautiful strong track, arguably the best out of all the great tracks so far. A creeping fear crawled up that perhaps the album was over soon, with most albums being around 7 to 8 tracks, but luck was with me as this album contains whole 11 tracks!

Tradition builds up “Speak through Fire” and it’s easy to take in. Overly harsh vocals are not present which makes this track so enjoyable and yet harsh enough to be melodically heavy. Introduction follows to clean guitars in a nice and dark way which soon goes over to that fat riffing and ever pounding sound of the huge drums in “Serpents Hall”.

Drama is one way to describe the closing track “Conquerors Dance”. Almost spoken words and down pitched drums make up a vibe that is post-apocalyptic. As a closing track it is extremely satisfying as the smile isn’t farfetched when the fuller vocals come around. A sense of hope is going on, intentional or not, and I know for sure that this band is more than what meets the eye and ear. There is serious musical craftsmanship here.

This is quite the killer album which deserves recognition, and it will surely be one that I will be taking with me into the New Year. 8.5/10 Julia




8.5/10 To Greatness and glory!
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