IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in MARCH 2019

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This past month I heard many, many, many bands. But I was listening to much more these… Enjoy it.


FORBIDDEN RITES – Pantheon Arcanum

The only thing released till now from the Mexican guys. A good album of Death Black Metal.

GRIEVANCE – Em Lucefécit

This is more raw, direct and in your face comparing to the previous album. Very good in my opinion.

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VALKYRJA – Throne Ablaze

Thchhhh… With this album was love at first listening. 

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EQUIPOISE – Demiurgus

Holy macaroni… When I heard it for the first time, I was like “what a hell is this?” These guys are killing everything. Like I said in my review (here) AMAZING


MOLOCH – Verwüstung

Hated by many, loved by many. I have many, many releases from this one man band and I LOVE this band.



Till next month 

The Key Keeper

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