Valkyrja – Throne Ablaze

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Band: Valkyrja
Title: Throne Ablaze
Label: W.T.C. Productions
Release date: 26 November 2018
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

After many many many days of overtime in my work the pleasure that I had when I was driving home and when I arrived home was… Listen to this Black Metal album.

Valkyrja are a band from Sweden and despite the name, they don’t have anything to do with the pagan, heathen or Viking metal, I made (again) a research about the band and I found it in some interviews and also in Metal Archives. Valkyrja is not unknown to me and once more releasing via World Terror Committee, well, at least the previous album from 2013, the previous releases I’m trying to get them.

Valkyrja is a band that reminds me 3 very good bands. 3 bands that I really love and follow.
Infinity from the Netherlands, Trimonium (Split up) from Germany and Dark Funeral from Sweden. So if you like those 3 bands, you will like Valkyrja for sure.
“Throne Ablaze” is a fast melodic Black Metal, with plenty of leads, good and well structured songs, good production, that in my opinion, it’s necessary in this kind of Black Metal in order to understand everything correctly, amazing drums work and a very good voice.

The album starts with an intro that is the best way to start this album because the second song “Crowne Serpent” fits like a glove in the way its starts. Pure devastation, fast, melodic, amazing voice and the solo that starts on the 0:44 with the blast beats on the drums… Tchhhh…. Very good indeed. The changes of “tempo” in the songs, the riffs, very good. Very good.

“Opposer of Light” the third song. This one is the song that reminds me a lot Trimonium. The way it starts, the riffs, the “tempo” of the songs, the beat, the voice… Till, the 1m10s… Let’s start a war. Let’s devastate the world, lets spread the hate and they start to be fast and arghhh… Amazing riffs. really good. In this song, the bands show that is possible to have brutality and devastation even if they slow down a bit. The song it has a lot of “tempo” changes and they don’t lose the “weight”. That is what I like, that is what is needed to be a good song. Well done…

“Tombs Into Flesh” another masterpiece of melody, brutality, changes of “tempo”, good riffs, good drums work and the voice that looks that is on your own side singing the words of hate. Arghhhhhh… I love it.

All the things that I mention just in the first 4 songs of the album, you will find it till the rest of the album, so “Halo of Lies”, “Transcendental Death” or “Paradise Lost” will not let you down and the quality stills there. Amazing.

But… The album is not on the end… One more song is there. The song that gives the name of the album. “Throne Ablaze”… This song, the bigger one of the album is the masterpiece of this album, the cherry on the top of the cake, the candy that we want, etc. Really good. I already heard many Black Metal albums this year, but till now, none like Valkyrja “Throne Ablaze”. This album is very good, this album made a BIG click on my ears, this album touched very well inside me. The pleasure that I had every time I listen to this album. THANK YOU Valkyrja for this amazing album. 9.5/10 The Key Keeper



9.5/10 Epic Storm
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