IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in MARCH 2019

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As a dedicated disciple of the church of Black Metal,I try to keep up with the ever-flowing stream of black metal releases every day.This is the reason I barely get any time to go back in time and listen to old school stuffs.Even still I can’t keep up with one after one great black metal release.Besides my most played albums in March, let’s just look at some of the other bands that released awesome Black Metal albums in the last month – Nordjevel, Schattenfall, Aoratos, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Abduction, Csejthe, Aara, Koldkrypt, Sickle Of Dust, Thormesis, Mysticism, Akasha, Sores, Sacrificia, Adiyre, Grave Violator. I’m sure I still missed many great releases. So now onto my most played albums in March

VOX MORTUIS – Kult Miortvaha Sonca (2018)

This was a pleasant surprise for me.I can’t believe I missed this album for so long!The band name means “Voice of The Dead” and the album name means “Cult of the Dead Sun”. Very fitting huh?This is deadly, in your face, head-banging, Jaw-crushing black metal assault from Belarus.After the recent release of “Mysteries of Left Path” by DOWNCROSS and this album, we can say that the black metal scene in Belarus is blossoming and we all should keep an eye there!

D’UN AUTRE TEMPS – Nos Mémories(2019)

There were some unbelievable atmospheric BM releases last month.D’UN AUTRE TEMPS surely delivered one of the best.The new project from Antonie Guibert (also Catacombs, Onirism) came out of nowhere and produced another masterclass.This album is frosty, sorrowful, majestic, dark & musically sophisticated too.An awesome trip of 43 minutes

DIM AURA – The Trimphant Age of Death (2019)

DIM AURA stormed in the Israeli BM scene with their unbelievable debut EP “R.U.S.T” in 2011 and they haven’t stopped since then.Their new album is full of wrath, abomination, brutality, misanthropy with some touches of melancholy here and there too.Mind-blowing Nihilist Black Metal.

ENISUM – Moth’s Illusion (2019)

One of the most anticipated BM releases of March and they didn’t disappoint.One of those albums you can put on repeat all day and night.There are some transitions, acoustics, voice diversities & some unbelievable drumming which made me come back again and again to this album.Another masterpiece added to an astonishing discography of other-worldly atmospheric BM.

ELLENDE – Lebensnehmer (2019)

No words needed.All Hail Lukas(also Savarta). All hail ELLENDE.



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