Hellripper – Black Arts & Alchemy

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Band: Hellripper
Title: Black Arts & Alchemy
Label: Redefining Darkness Records
Release Date: 5 April 2019
Country: Scotland
Format Reviewed: High quality digital promo

HELLRIPPER already won the absolutely kvlt status among the underground community with the mind-blowing “Coagulating Darkness”. Two years passed since then, but  Mr. McBane was unstoppable and busy enough preparing new music – it’s worth mentioning here the split with Barbatos, and NOW, here comes “Black Arts & Alchemy” EP.

“Black Arts & Alchemy” is another superb work actually. Containing only four tracks in frantic tempo, relentless but so enjoyable riffs and evil vocals. The magic blackened speed combination which HELLRIPPER delivers again, is absolutely top notch and this EP can really be played on repeat until complete extinct. The EP is only less than 13 minutes long and comes and goes in blink of an eye! Oh, how I wished few more songs there…

The music grabs to the balls instantly and solidly since the very beginning. Starting with the opener “All Hail The Goat”. No compromise in three minutes – demonic mayhem speed and worship the Dark One. “Decrepit Christ” continues into that early 80s black metal tempo, riffage and evil vocals singing along the main refrain. My favourite “Black Arts & Alchemy” contains so catchy (almost classic music) solo riff which goes along the whole track along with the mindless tempo of the track. That solo riff just adds another demonic-laughing-from-the-dark-corners-flavour and some hidden fatality-of-time to the song. The EP ends appropriately with “Headless Angels” just to complete the “fast devilish fun ride into the bowels of hell” (Thank you, Perrö, for this description!). The fours tracks represent what James McBane does best. Amazing!

After listening tens of times to the “Black Arts & Alchemy” for the last few days, I must admit the never-ending hunger for 1) more from the band or 2) just to listen to this EP again and again. HELLRIPPER did it again! Whatever I write here, it won’t be enough. So let’s cut the long story short – just grab and blast endlessly “Black Arts & Alchemy”. It is mandatory. This is an order!  10/10 Count Vlad

Please check here my interview with Mr. James McBane himself earlier this year

Official Website

Official website

10/10 Immortal Classic
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