IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in APRIL 2019

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April was huge. Yes, we all know that. In terms of awesome new releases of course. There has been so much good music to enjoy. Of course when the time comes for In Rotation, it is always difficult to select the most played out of the enormous pile of listened music.

As usual I don’t include here all those records which I reviewed for the Zine (eg Hellripper which was on serious rotation whole month), or the artists I interviewed. That said my April was very BLACK – I have been on serious black metal kick. Found out fantastic records, saw live top notch black metal artists, had the pleasure to communicate with awesome persons from the black metal underground. So check below few suggestions from my side. Still not sure if they were the most played ones though 😀

KRIGERE WOLF – Eternal Holocaust EP

This EP is represents exceptional death/black music. Reminded me a lot to Hate Manifesto, and won me over completely. Brutal, intense, dark.


MARDUK – Panzer Division Marduk

This one, “Viktoria” and almost the whole discography were seriously played in the last ten days of the month, after I saw MARDUK live on 21 April. The show was devastating. I was honestly surprised by the quality Marduk delivered. Suddenly I had rediscovered the band, after 23 years since I stopped enjoying them that much…

SAOR – Forgotten Path

A perfect soundtrack to my commute in the rainy dark spring days. On repeat.


ENISUM – Moth’s Illusion

62 minutes of melancholic black metal to heal wounds and open new ones. This album was a great discovery to me after the strong recommendation and great review by my brother in arms on the zine – Apollo. Thanks, man!


D’UN AUTRE TEMPS – Nos Mémoires

Atmospheric, lonely, melancholic…So into my alley. Well, it’s been a post-black month apparently too. Apollo’s recommendation again. 



I was very hesitant about the bonus. Some records which I played a lot also – the debut by The Morningside, 2016 album by Evergrey (because of seeing them live on 14 April), or the new Lord Vicar, or Bezebubs, or the Vargrav, or the new Altar of Oblivion, or Spirit Adrift latest while waiting for the new one, or even Windhand..? Or any of my OP vinyls I bought? Let’s leave this one here though…


What not to adore on this record?! Such diversity, so great moods, such overtaking post black. If you still haven’t checked this album, please do so. 


Count Vlad

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