IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in APRIL 2019

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IRON ANGEL – Hellish Crossfire (1985)

Because: Probably one of the greatest Speed Metal albums of all time. Has to be in every Metal fans collection. Old School rules!


SALTY DOG – Every Dog Has It’s Day (1990)

Because: One of the most underrated, criminally ignored Sleaze Rock albums ever. If this was released three years earlier, things may have worked out much different. But yeah, fucking drugs and 80’s glam rock took out a lot of talent.


EVIL DEAD – Annihilation of Civilization (1989)

Because: The title track to Gone Shooting. That Ed Repka cover art and Thrash Metal. It’s not flawless, but man there’s just something about this album that appeals.


CLUTCH – Blast Tyrant (2004)

Because: It’s their best album. CLUTCH are awesome, but man have they chased the tail of the Tyrant even since ’04!

THEE HYPNOTICS – Come Down Heavy (1990)

Because: Garage Blues Psychedelic Rock! Stooges, Hendrix, Blue Cheer meets MC5 – that enough for you?



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