Necrosexual – The Gory Hole in F#

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Band: Necrosexual
Title: The Gory Hole in F#
Label: Independent
Release Date: 17 May 2019
Country: USA
Format Reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

NECROSEXUAL seemed to be among the last bands on Earth I would check. The name simply evokes in my mind styles and genres which I’m not much into. Then comes the shock factor, which by the way has been into metal since late 60’s up to the present moment – imagery, make up/corpse paint, symbols, dead animal heads stinking on stage, overall attitude and even ridiculous interviews, which makes you laugh (especially when you are already a grown up man and old metalhead). What I met here in the gory hole, is an abundance of shock factor, containing all the mentioned above, plus parody, grotesque, and horrorshow in the freaks circus.

So far, two factors really not in favour of the band from my perspective. However when The Nexrosexual himself connects you and asks you to check their brand new EP – then the things get pretty serious. I played the EP and I was shocked – owls are not what they seem!

NECROSEXUAL’s “The Gory Hole Overture in F#” is the second opus of the Philadelphia’s band, after 2018 “GRIM-1”. Now album contains only 5 tracks which including the intro opener “Necromutants March Through Hell – The Prelude”. The first four tracks were actuallty recorded live with minimal overdubs. This fact also surprised me, as the band really sound cohesive and on contrary to any prejudices for some basement-recorded-in-a-hurry-low-qualitry underground gore grind material. The main core of the band recorded these four tracks is The Necrosexual – bass, guitar, vocals, arrangement (rumours claim ultra close connections with BASILYSK!), Anthony VIGO Gabriele – lead guitar and Michael Lee Churry – drums. 

After that prelude, just a storm of damnation is rising from the deep 80’s and the classic first black metal wave, naturally carrying the NWBHM vibe and a tiny punk dose. “The Gory Hole in F#”  track instantly grabs with the main riff and that old-school echo on the harsh vocals. Welcome to hell! An atmosphere cracked and opened almost 40 years ago by likes of Venom (most of all), Celtic Frost, Bathory, Merciful Fate and Motorhead. Going this way up to the present, NECROSEXUAL reminded me a lot to our good friends of Sepulchral Whore too, but being less thrash and more heavy. “The Lair Where No Light Enters” is more frantic, I would say chaotic, but still keeping that 80’s vibe. “In Ancient Daze (Black Widow)” is a song just exited from the ashes around the circle of tyrants! The closer “Orgy On Your Burial” was recorded separately and features Ryan Dred Rot on the drums. Indeed, the sound is slightly different, but the track is powerhorse. I must add another interesting thing on the vocals – it is the falsetto which Necrosexual is using on some of the verses, turning the record even into more 80’s kvlt.

…And sadly the album is over. Way too short in order to demonstrate the full band potential and the possible total destruction. In anither words, I may even dare to suggest this is how Venom should have continued to be (and sound) after their mid 80’s works, for example. Let’s face it, how many of us listen and dig after “At War With Satan”, or even after “Black Metal”? Yes, from the past comes the storm, and you will be buried alive by NECROSEXUAL. They claim “It’s NOT a phase I’m going through Dad”. I say – disregard and leave the visual, no need –  the substance is so solid! 8/10 Count Vlad


8/10 To Greatness and Glory
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