NONE – Damp Chill of Life

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Band: NONE
Title: Damp Chill of Life
Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records
Release Date: 12 April 2019
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

…it’s quiet here…

NONE. An empty word in freezing winter wind. In a cold stand-still place surrounded by eternal winter woods and a “Damp Chill of Life”. Where the day is fading, in solitude. It is snowing in silence. I can feel the time, the life, the small piece of eternity I’m. Small. Piece. Of. Eternity. And in the same time I’m NONE. Lost, transient, insignificant. Gazing in to the nothingness. Remembering. All the chances I never had. And all the pain I let go through all these years. Thinking. To cease everything once in a while…

“Damp Chill of Life” is the third full-length album of Portland, Oregon’s atmospheric/depressive black metal NONE. Similar to its predecessors – “None” (2017) and “Life has gone long enough”(2018), the album has been released on the same date – 11 April. Who’s behind the band. None shall tell. The anonymous duo grips with cold fingers until it hurst so badly, leaving solid painful bitter marks inside.

…I yearn to feel…

The new album drowns in 44:04 minutes of absolute bleakness and winter solitude and melancholy, and in the same time makes the heart beats faster just because of the streaming pain. The seven tracks in the album are in slow, almost chill-out tempo, with haunting vocals, mesmerising lonely piano inclusions and distorted guitars, reminding of the greatest (and saddest) Burzum tracks from his very best mid 90s works (Filosofem and Hvis Lyset Tar Oss), or Empyrium’s finest. One by one those seven tracks just lead through an absolute frosty desperation and tearful loneliness, piling up the grandiose atmosphere of reliving once again the euphoria of all those lost moments of happiness, which has brought an absolute life failure in the end.

“Damp Chill of Life” is beautiful, delusional and vert emotional album haunting down all the good memories in order to make you sorry for all of them, because they will never return. It is an atmospheric blackgazing journey which must not be missed. This is the lifetime opportunity to take final decisions. “Accept hopelessness. You are no one, nowhere and NOTHING.”

…It’s like dying…


9.5/10 Count Vlad

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9.5/10 Epic Storm
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