IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in October 2018

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October. Autumn, sadness, melancholy. To be honest, I noticed that through all the years, in that month I listen to lots of mellow stuff. Heavy/Speed in particular and/or some sad stuff. This October was very hectic for me, and music tried to save me again. Again, in all honesty, it is difficult for me to define what I play two or three times more than the rest, in order to include here. 

As usual I include here albums OUT of the those which I have reviewed/interviewed for Blessed Altar Zine or what had been part of the others Sunday posts, because it is natural that I’d spent more time with those. (I really spent plenty of time with Skull Fist, Gramma Vedetta or High On Fire for instance). Even in my running time I tried to catch up with some new releases and went to some from the previous months (Obscura, Revocation). Also a lot of The Night Flight Orchestra – my guilty pleasure. My vinyl obsession brought me some classic stuff, which I enjoyably played too (Opeth, Sepultura, Burzum, Celtic Frost, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden). During the month I listened as much as possible to all the new releases in order to compile my Top 10 for the month. Some fantastic black discoveries there!

Making all this long and boring introduction, I’m again trying to excuse myself about the difficulties I experience every time for “the most played during the past month” definition. There is so much music and only one life.

THE MOOR – Jupiter’s Immigrants (2018)
This album is fantastic! Probably in my top 3 for 2018 so far. Progressive? But with lots of gothic To/Die/For or The Dark taste. The Mercenary too. It is so cozy, so swallowing. Leads the difference! Highly recommended if you still haven’t played it. 

HAUNT – Burst Into Flame (2018)
AGAIN. Same situation as in September. I just can’t quit. I’ve already mentioned my thoughts about the importance of “Burst into Flame” in my review here. The album is so good, so sticky and enjoyable, with that dose of nostalgia… For sure among the best albums of 2018 for me.

WOLFHEART – Constellation Of The Black Light (2018)
Again Wolfheart, as it was part of my September top 5. I just don’t stop listen to it. The album is probably the Album Of The Year 2018.

Beyond Creation – Algorithm (2018)
Tech death album of the year? Maybe. 


NIGHT DEMON – Live Darkness (2018)
Just in October managed to give a listen to the official live album by Night Demon. I must admit it is among the best live albums I’ve heard in the last couple of decades. So much energy! 

BONUS TRACK for the October dark melancholy

OWL – Nights in Distortion (2018)
As I wasn’t sure with the counting of plays of certain album, I decided to add one more, just in case. It is another 10/10 album, very appropriate for autumn dusk and drowning into inner depths. Heavy, slow, soaked with broken dreams, hallucinations, and buried dreams for love, hope and bright days. The album was released in September, but it is among the finest for 2018 in my opinion. I don’t stop listening to it since I got the promo in August. My review is here, so check it. 

Count Vlad