IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in October 2018

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THE KEY KEEPER’S TOP 5 ALBUMS played in October (in no particular order)

MISTBLINDE – “Bortom helgrindens gissel” (Germany)
Demo tape released by SFH Records
Very good this Black Metal band.

CONTAMINO – “Mother Nature Gased” (Sweden)
Released in tape format by Carnal Records
I like the music they do. Raw and fast Black Metal.

BLACK CANDLE – “Nightfire” (Lux)
Released in tape by Terror Cult Productions
Raw Black Metal. Very good. I love this band.

CELESTIA – “Delhÿs-Cätess” (Fra)
Released in tape by Apparitia Recordings
Not the first release I got from them. But it’s also good Black Metal.

AKHENATON – “Divine Symphonies” (France)
Released by Adipocere Records in CD format.
The only album released by them. Very good.

The Key Keeper