Exclusive Video Premiere: Svarta Stugan – Prospects / Quatsi

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Swedish post rockers SVARTA STUGAN are scheduled to release their debut album “Islands / Öar” on December 14th 2018, via German label WOOAAARGH. A collection of seven distinctive instrumental tracks, summing up into a musical journey reminiscent of veteran atmospheric bands such as Earth (Olympia, Washington) and Mogwai (Glasgow, Scotland), subtly leaning towards cinematographic composers like Angelo Badalamenti, Phillip Glass and Ennio Morricone. Each of the seven selections revealing a unique mood and vibe, daring the listener to immerse in the compositions’ fluidity. These seven mini soundtracks, if you wish, flawlessly concluding into a central theme. The Gothenburg epic soundscape explorers aptly layering a surreal topography of palpable textures and fluent abstracts.

“Islands / Öar” will be available on LP, tape and digitally. Please check the links below for further details.

We are proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of the music video for “Prospects / Quatsi” lifted from SVARTA STUGAN’s forthcoming debut. This marks also the first time Blessed Altar Zine debuts a music video exclusively. Emil/UHF

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