Cabaret Aberrante – Extirpando la Miseria

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Band: Cabaret Aberrante
Title: Extirpando la Miseria
Label: Base Record Production
Release Date: 22 October 2018
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital promo

Cabaret Aberrante… I saw this name a few times in the past but never had the chance to hear something. Shame on me…
So… I got the promo from the band, including past work (thanks a lot).

Cabaret Aberrante is from Barcelona/Catalonia in Spain… A band with this name, is related to Death Metal with some gore mixed, maybe some Porno Death Metal or some Grind (but it has synthesizers/keys… I will explain, wait a few…). I was right. Is it bad when you see one name and relate it to some music style? In my opinion is not.
From what I am aware of, Spain have many many bands playing this kind of style. Sadly just a few are respected and known outside Spain.

Cabaret Aberrante, they do a Death Metal that sometimes goes to the Grind but mainly (in my opinion) they are more related to the Death Metal with the themes of the songs related to Sex/Gore/Sadism etc… I love the lyrics. They are in Castellano, the language that everyone says is Spanish. For me, no problem cause I understand it.
The mix of the album is well done, everything is very balanced, I can understand very well everything. The sound of the guitar is a strong one. The bass guitar is very present, the drums are very well done and the voice… is sick. arghhhh. Love it.

If you want more brutal songs I can advise “Bañada en tus excrecciones” or “Estais todos condenados”. If you want some mix of brutality with some old school stuff I can advise “Extirpando la miseria” or “Estranguladas hasta el orgasmo en el charco de sus meados”. This album have a few of everything. It’s not in my opinion, you can listen to a few of everything and it’s not boring.

Concerning the synthesizers/keys, it is in the song “Lamiendo los cortes” that I can hear them in a very very very present way. The mix of it with the Death Metal made by Cabaret Aberrante reminds me a bit Hypocrisy.
Although I liked what I heard, with many good details, read all the lyrics and I loved them, but there is something on this album that, and very sincerely, I can not explain it. I have the feeling/sensation that I can not understand what the band wants to do, what is the real message behind all the good work even though I like the album.

The song that I liked more was “Deguello masivo” because of the atmosphere behind it, the “weight” of the song, the way the voice is done, the riffs used, everything on this song is very good and is different from the rest of the album. 7.5/10 The Key Keeper

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7.5/10 Victory is possible
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