IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in October 2018

10 min read


BOLT THROWER – War Master (1991):
For some reason it’s been my least ‘go-to’ Bolties album…October rectified that situation

SEVEN WITCHES – Passage to the Other Side (2003):
Killer US Heavy/Power Metal – probably their best album. James Rivera/Joey Vera/Jack Frost combination.

TYPE O NEGATIVE – Bloody Kisses (1994):
In light of the imminent release of the BK vinyl….massive rotation the past month!

UNCLE SAM – Letters from London (1990):
One of my favourite bands of all time. And album! Rochester NY greatest Garage Rock band. Criminally ignored and underrated. Those who know, KNOW!

CRO-MAGS – Best Wishes (1989):
Do I need a fkn reason? One of the greatest NYC Hardcore bands ever. Period. No Contest. Best Wishes is massively ‘Metallic’ – TOTAL head removal.