The Heaviest One: 2018

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We decided to open another series of articles dedicated to the heaviest albums. Each member has the chance to offer his heaviest album for the respective year. We stress here on heaviness, it doesn’t necessarily mean this album is the best. 

Today we start with 2018. Let’s go! …And let us know which are your HEAVIEST suggestions.

JYOTISAVEDĀNGA – Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum
June 2018, Larval Productions

I decided to go with this album. If you follow our zine since the beginning, you have probably read my review. If not, I’ll put it here once again in short. This album carries cosmic dark, brings signals from an unknown dark matter existing somewhere in the deepest darkest space. read more

Dedicated to the 5th dimension – Timeless and Infinite, “Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum” really heavy AF. It is chaotic, distorted, confusing, nightmarish. Terrifying actually. With deep abyssal vocals, echoing into the dark time of space and carrying so many questions about the unknown. The unknown that scares us, that terrifies us, that suffocates us. Until complete losing ourselves in all the blasts, distortion, chaos and darkness. And never forget all the signals coming from the most isolated cold and outer space. The 5th dimension is full of horror.

Read my full review here, but most of all do listen to “Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum”.

Count Vlad

DAUGHTERS – You Won’t Get What You Want
October 2018, Ipecac Recordings

A little is all it takes
A little is all it takes

For this first edition of “The Heaviest One” I went through all of my favorite releases of last year. It was then I realized that while 2018 had some great releases, I didn’t really have something that would fit the term “heavy” in the classical Metal sense so to speak… I did want to partake in this though, so I challenged myself to find something that is incredibly heavy, if not in the way most may think of… Then I remembered this incredible record! read more

DAUGHTERS’ first album after almost a decade, “You Won’t Get What You Want” is intense to say the least. Bringing in elements from a plethora of genres, from more classic to Art-Punk, Industrial to Noise Rock. The band combines this to create what in my opinion is the most intensely terrifying album of 2018. It is not the punchy heaviness one might know of Metal, but it is emotional heaviness, extremely oppressive and uncomfortable! From the cover-artwork alone you already feel a sense of the uncanny, something inherently uneasy. Tracks like the opener “City Song” are slower but bring in noisy elements, tense percussion and an eerie, crazed vocal performance from Alexis Marshall. Other tracks are outright insanity, like the disjointed “The Flammable Man”. My favorite track has to be the album closer “Guest House” though, I won’t go into detail why here, you can check out the track below and you will surely understand what I mean when calling it insanely intense! LET ME IIIN!

This is my pick for the heaviest one of 2018!

the trve Medvson

AMORPHIS – Queen of Time
May 2018, Nuclear Blast

So, our little group has decided to do something new and pick what each of us thinks was the heaviest album of 2018. It is a given that last year had some great work released from piles and piles of artists, some stuff heavier than other, but than our own opinions got in the way resulting in what I believe is a various list of different records reflecting our heaviest list.

Queen of Time by AMORPHIS stood out for me. The thirteenth album by the Finns was released on the 18th of May 2018 by Nuclear Blast and I have a sneaky feeling the reason why was because for the first time in 24 years all the original members were back together. read more

I have said it before and I’ll say it again; the Finns got it, it’s in their blood to make good metal and they rarely every stray from that path. What I loved from the beginning of the first track The Bee” to the last track “Pyres on the Coast” was AMORPHIS ability to indulge the listener in heavy riffs and growls without ever forgetting the pleasant melodies and folksy jolliness. More and more bands seem to be swaying that way, and let me tell you, it’s not terrible!

Glorious chanting with Tomi Joutsen´s unbeatable vocals braid perfectly together with each member´s playstyle as they magically produce the glorious melodies throughout the hour long album which goes nowhere wrong. I’m sure most of you out there have given this album a go so you know exactly what I’m talking about, however, I can´t recommend it enough to give it yet another go, you know, just to freshen up.


HEADS FOR THE DEAD – Serpent’s Curse
September 2018, Transcending Obscurity Records

Have you ever been set on fire, thrown off a cliff-face and then buried under a landslide of boulders and rubble? Probably not if you’re reading this (but if you have, well done you tough son of a bitch). I haven’t and hopefully I’ll never experience any of those misfortunes, but if I want the musical soundtrack to evoke this visceral nightmare, I need look no further than this monstrous release from last year. read more

From start to finish “Serpent’s Curse” is brutality captured, condensed and channeled onto record. Brutal Death Metal of the heaviest kind, the riffs are all nasty, gory, bludgeoning or wild, knife-wielding artery slicing. Take that, add a monstrous ogre bellowing in your ears and an atmosphere heavily influenced by classic, gory horror movies and you have one relentless juggernaut of a record.

Track names like “Post Mortem Suffering” and “Of Wrath and Vengeance” should let you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for here. It’s nasty stuff. No light, no oxygen, to relief, just gruelling, battering heaviness from start to finish. A 10/10 for me when I first reviewed in on this site (my only one to date) and I stand by my score. Not a world I want to visit every day, but whenever I want to relieve that violent, flaming descent off the mountain-top I know “Serpent’s Curse” lays here, coiled up with cold, death eyes waiting for me.


ÆVANGELIST – Heralds of Nightmare Descending
August 2018, Independent

In November of 2018 “Matricide in the Temple of Omega” was released. My thought that time was “Yeah, a new album from this band”. But… Ups. Not a new album, but the latest album, because in August “Heralds of Nightmare Descending” was released via independent. “What?” Yes, was what I thought… So, what I had to do was to listen to this album… And what a piece of “Heaviness”read more

The songs are Heavy as… (No, I can’t write the word). The voice was/is sick, tormented, powerful. The “noise” around the music creating an atmosphere that I didn’t found into many bands till today. The cadence on the drums. And… The guitars that sound sometimes dissonant but at the same time so beautiful and is played in the correct way. It is hard to explain in words this album. You must listen to and feel it.

The Key Keeper

Note: No Youtube available for “Heralds of Nightmare Descending”

NECROPANTHER – Eyes of Blue Light
February 2018, Independent

When the raven left after I took the tiny cylinder from one of its legs I was left wondering what album would fit the premise. As you all know, or should by now, the Blessed Altar Crew communicate in the really old school and metal way. No internet, no phones, no mail even. Just a conspiracy of Ravens that fly around the glove delivering messages from one member to the others. Anyway, the cylinder contained a small piece of paper and in it, written in pen fountain, the exquisite calligraphy of the Key Keeper. The premise: “Heaviest of 2018, deliver by Saturday”. read more

I had to dig out my AOTY 2018 list to see if I had a “heaviest” album there. I mean, all of the 30 albums I listed can be called heavy in some way or another, but how can I pick one. Is it the genre by which I must choose? Is it the riffs? Is it the lyrics? The overall atmosphere of the album or band? Maybe I could go with a mix of all that.

NECROPANTHER’s “Eyes of Blue Light” has it all. And it deserves the attention it had last year, but it deserves to be praised today also as my pick for the heaviest album of 2018.

Speed, heaviness, darkness and a sense of danger that is ever present throughout the album cause this ain’t no ordinary group of songs. This is a concept album, a heavy metal take on the greatest Sci-Fi book ever written. This ain’t Star Wars children, this is DUNE! This is grown-up stuff and heavy stuff it is, be it on words, images and also music thanks to the guys from Denver. 12 songs in 37 minutes. You can get the picture right there. Songs and riffs hit you with no remorse. Just listen to “Fedaykin”, a song in praise of the elite Fremen warriors who are ready and willing to give their water for their messiah, Paul Muad´Dib. (If you haven’t, you should really get a copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune ASAP) “We are Fedaykin, thirsty for war” there is no romanticizing war here. The desert planet is harsh and the free men are harsher. No prisoners will be taken in the fight for the Spice and NECROPANTHER will not give you quarter throughout the run of the whole album. Both theme and music are “HEAVY” as one could expect. As a token of my appreciation for this album, I spit on the floor 😉

Hail the metal Mentats.


AGATHOS – Nihil Est
May 2018 – Independent

There was a tremendous amount of wicked as hell metal released in 2018, but how does one define “heaviest”? Is it purely an instrumental affair, or can the physical and mental response to the material be factored in as well? For me, the heaviest album needs to crush all of your body, mind, and soul at once to be a contender. I’ve always been more of a death metalhead but it’s hard to put any one of these bands above the rest. read more

Tomb Mold, Scorched, Mammoth Grinder, Gorod, Irreversible Mechanism, and Sulphur Aeon were all devastating affairs, but none registered the same brutal mental aftershock than Spanish based black metal AGATHOS achieved. Released in the spring of 2018, “Nihil Est” is heavy as all hell in all the right ways. It is completely swarming in all-consuming traditional black metal riffs that completely obliterate your eardrums and the bloody soul attached to them. They hold nothing back and you can tell. Start this one at the beginning and listen through for full effect. Prepare to be absolutely crushed by AGATHOS, the heaviest of 2018!

Metal Yeti

June 2018, Musicfearsatan

There are the albums I hate and ignore, there are the albums I like and recommend, there are the ones I rave about on and on and finally, there are the albums I worship and leave me speechless whenever I play them. “Anti Life” by CULT OF OCCULT falls into the last category. read more

I’ll never be able to put it in words just how much I appreciate this album. “Anti Life” will skin you alive, grind you to a thin paste, mix you with cocaine and snort you up like it’s any other Tuesday. It’s all a violent ride, intoxicated with hallucinogenics and alcohol fumes. The lyrics are as primal as you would expect them to be. Here’s an excerpt from my favorite song off the record, “NI”:

“Every night, full of drugs and liquor, I see, floating above my bed, the Devil.
This woman in white dress, Satan Herself.
She’s beautiful. She’s there for me. Translucent.
I’m in love with her.

Rise from the depths.
Hold me.
We are one now.
We make love on charnel houses.
On the corpses of this world.
Reigning and killing.
Together forever.
We’ll be all, eternal.
Fucking and slaying.”

The slow, dirge-like sound fits perfectly. The guitars are down tuned to bloody hell, the vocalist conjures demons for 53 minutes, the drummer hits those snares and crash cymbals like there’s no tomorrow, and the bass pretty much sounds like getting repeated blows to the head. While everything I said doesn’t make CULT OF OCCULT unique, there is hard to find quality present here: naturality. This is not a band that sat down and said: “Let’s shock people with how heavy we can be”. They play what they play because they want to do so, without batting an eye to what the listener might think. So live by the last verse of the album and hit play. “And this little voice saying DO IT! You don’t deserve anything but violent death so, DO IT!”

Metal Gentleman


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