Jyotisavedānga – Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum

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Band: Jyotisavedānga
Title: Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum
Label: Larval Productions
Release Date: 6 June 2018
Country: International
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

Jyotisavedānga is international Indian/Russian project featuring the guitarist Sadist, H. on synths, noise, and effects; AR on vocals and taking care of drum programming, and Kim on drums. The sources give various information about each of the members nationality and bands in which they are playing, so I won’t get into that detail here. The important is that Jyotisavedānga is named after Vedānga Jyotisa – one of the earliest texts on astronomy and astrology.

Musically the band stands in the crossroad of black/death/noise/ with added synths and effects to emphasize of the cosmic blackness and science/fiction in their art. And the vocals! Vocals coming really from the deepest abyss, the void, travelled million light years, warped by the Universal echo, only to reach us in our small narrow existence. Is it really a war metal? No, not for me. Bestial? It is more than the war bestiality of the given style. Much deeper, spacial, carrying the dimensional curvature in which we suddenly might fall and loose ourselves. It’s not war. We have already gone though it. It is an existential drowning to find the meaning.

“Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum” is exploring the unknown 5th dimension – Timeless and Infinite. Can the time and space really can be warped? It is an existence by pure chance and chaos, in accordance to the laws of Thermodynamics. 6 merciless songs. Devastating. Carrying the blackest signals coming from the darkest places of the Universe. From the shittiest pits of big black unknown. For 28 minutes. Terrifying. Suffocating. SUFFOCATING. They must be experienced and let the mind go after the Cosmic darkness in a mission to discover the true nature of our existence. The secrets of life. What is life actually? – a cosmic dust, some form of being exist somewhere in the chaotic order and the eternity.

Starting with “Distress Signal: Source Unknown”, I really felt the horror of being out there in the big black in danger, with no help. “Quantum Integers Systematic Deduction” is a mind-blowing track giving an entrance to the scientific debris of the quantum laws. With that cosmic synth effect inside, it is even more isolated and distant, feeling the planetary breathing. “Bilateral Indexing Theory” is complex, multidimensional and multilayer chaotic sonic attack with mesmerizing lead in the middle. “Protocol_Hyper Sterilization” and “Vector Photon Gammaburst” are noisy, chaotic, blasting, confusing, nightmarish. You might even call them “sadistic during war” because of the tempo and the underground riffs. “Imploding Liner Fusion Propulsion” continues the journey through the black. It is slow, crushing, like gigantic spaceship travelling though the infinite darkness, signalling from above.

If we discover the the 5th dimension what are we going to find there? The 5th dimension – standing somewhere between the light and the dark, the science and the superstitious, between good and evil. It “lies between the pit of all fears and the peak of all true knowledge.” Jyotisavedānga give us their read of the theory. It is only up to us to assimilate it and accept it. It is a mind-blowing album. 8.5/10 Count Vlad

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8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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