Eagle Twin – The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn)

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Band: Eagle Twin
Title: The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn)
Label: Southern Lord Records
Release Date: 30 March 2018
Country: United States
Format Reviewed: Vinyl (Lord 250)

We last heard from Eagle Twin with their 2012 release of “The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale” dripping in dense, loud and rifftastic doom! While most of us have seen the scene morph into layers of sludgy blackened death doom since 2012, the Salt Lake City duo of Gentry Densley (Guitars/Vocals) and Tyler Smith (Drums) have re-emerged with 41 minutes of mountainous, pulverizing and hypnotic perfection…All of this density and sound from just a two man band is crazy?

What is “The Thundering Heard”? Simply put its a Texture Rich, Extremely Focused, Riff Driven Mountain of an album. Eagle Twin still delivering their long and winding Epic tracks with all the elements we loved from the first two releases. But something is different here? As previously mentioned above, doom has expanded into multiple forms and facets and is providing us with some of the better releases this genre has ever witnessed in this reviewers opinion. Eagle Twin melding doom, sludge, stoner, psych, jazz and a heavy dose of the blues! This isn’t the basic formula many have miss labeled, but their own sonic style with a spectrum of influences from all sides of the genre, and meant to be played loud as hell. It’s Massive, Penetrating and at times Stunning!

Not forgetting that the power of the riff compels everything Eagle Twin has built upon…An album that with each revolution of the turntable draws you in; deeper and deeper, stretching your senses and imagination to a place you can return again and again.

Track Listing:
Quanah Un Rama (11:23) – Massive Riffs delivered upon earth’s foundation in an almost religious manner? An absolutely cathartic experience for the listener which is carried throughout this charmer of a record.

Elk Wolf Hymn (8:23) – Putting you squarely into the Wasatch Mountain Range Wilderness! The impressive narrative continues, so dense and sophisticated, it draws you in with it’s mesmerizing delivery. So intense yet so peaceful!

Heavy Hoof (7:23) – The Lead Track again with monstrous riffage and intense soloing! The heavy hooves dance on your grave…

Antlers of Lightning (14:23) – With over fourteen minutes of Lumbering, Imaginative & Smashing Heaviness, the track becomes the perfect ending to a near perfect recording.

Densley & Smith or the Serpent & the Crow have been perfecting their brand of Eagle Twin doom for the last decade or so and it all comes together here on “The Thundering Heard”. Been privileged to be on this ride for the last two releases and quite confident that this long player will continue to find its way back to my turntable time and time again…

An Absolutely Epic Storm 9.5/10

Official Website

Official Website

9.5/10 Epic Storm
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