Haunt – Burst Into Flame

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Band: Haunt
Title: Burst Into Flame
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records
Release Date: 10 August 2018
Country:  USA
Format Reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

I do love the trend which began let’s say ten years ago with the main purpose to reincarnate the traditional heavy, speed and thrash metal. I really do! It continues to grow every other year, reviving true roots of our music. It all began in times when the true metal was crushed by the plague of the nu-metal and by something called whatever-core. This trend becomes stronger than ever now, and over the last decade we witness fantastic releases by new bands.

Back then lonely warriors from all over the world united under the flags of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and began this eternal battle just to show that victory is possible, creating ones of the most dynamic, melodic and anthemic albums over the past decade. The New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal has begun. And yes, I’m speaking about leading heavy/speed acts like Sküll Fist, Evil Invaders, Ranger, Enforcer, Cauldron, Striker, Ram, Portrait, Seax, White Wizzard, Stälker, Vulture just to name of a few, etc. (this list can be enormous). Band which are doing everything possible in their battle for No False Metal – expressed in their music, their appearance and their gigs. With huge dose of nostalgia and bowing to the Gods in the very end of 70’s and first half of 80’s, the new bands created huge underground community by their impressive artistry and gorgeous compositions. I’m sure that everybody who is following what is going on on the metal scene, does know it. For the rest, I’m begging you – do check at least the above mentioned bands, and forget about some big names.

Formed by Trevor William Church, Haunt is another fantastic gang fighting for the true music. They already turned our heads after them with the extra solid 2017 EP “Luminous Eyes”. An year later Haunt’s first full length album “Burst into Flame” is here, and it is really a must-listen and must-to-have. Being into the classic heavy wave (than into heavy speed spectrum), and following the troops of young giants like Cauldron, Haunt deliver 9 tracks into 37 minutes, to transfer us into the glorious past and those hymns in which the  Golden future had been chanted… Catchy, enjoyable, classy! Riffs, galloping, crossing leads on guitars, headbanging tempo and pure old school heavy metal sound – a little bit raw, coming from garage, carrying the dust of a passed time. Delivering those sweet pains in the heart, those endless summers from the childhood; the days which will never to return. …And only the music can bring you back there and revive all those sunny careless days and emotions!

The opener “Burst into flame” is an absolute 2018 anthem, performed by all heavy metal standards. Same can be said about “Reflectors”, “Frozen in time”, “Can’t get back”. Tracks like “Crystal Ball”, “Looking grass”, “My Mirage” are real gems for every heavy music lover too. “Burst Into Flame” should be listened for couple of times before revealing its full great potential and immense landscapes it draws. Oh, that Mystical Heavy Metal! Freedom and wind in the face!

We are all a bit tired of all those classical bands, which everybody posts around. We are tired of all experiments, genres and big names fatigue and failure…They are all into their last days anyways. So we must enjoy every new effort and being grateful for so solid new bands like Haunt, which can keep the true metal alive. 9/10 Count Vlad


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9/10 Epic Storm
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