IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in April 2020

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IN ROTATION – April 2020 – Jammerfal

April was a month that for some flowed very quickly and for others not so much. Perhaps it became quite tedious having to be locked up without even being able to go grocery shopping. And for many others, it meant more free time to listen to more metal. Here my 5 most played albums and if you want to check it out, listen and support the bands. 

Plague – Portraits of Mind
Redefining Darkness Records – February 2020

Coming from Greece, Plague is an exceptional death metal exposure and this album represents their first release. For me, this gonna be one of the best from this year. I hope to see this devastating display on many lists and I know that many will agree with me on their choice, from the beautiful cover to the old school style they shoot here it is enough to enjoy. Note the mind-blowing piece the closer is, Mind Control. Awesome!

Infestus – Chroniken des Ablebens
Debemur Morti Productions – August 2008

Infestus has a very special place in my heart. I listen to their records very often and have become a fan. I just need to be able to get his discography on CD, but this is especially one that I want to have. Fantastic German black metal album and a band. If you don´t know them, here is my contribution.

Sinnrs – Profound
Independent – July 2018

Sinnrs is a Danish band that is imposed as a mandatory listening for lovers of melodic black with death overtones. This album is an absolute gem. The technique, quality, and huge drumming and riffing make the stones melt. Powerful work of this duo.  

Dead Or A Lie – Monster
Independent – February 2020

Great album from the Brazilian trio DOAL explores in this concept work the internal struggle of the human being with himself and his demons. I have the CD and it is one of the most played in my stereo sound system. Thanks to Matheus, band bassist and founder member who send me the promo directly and a CD as a gift. I reviewed “Monster” and you can read my lines here

Ossaert – Bedehuis
Argento Records – February 2020

I don’t have much information about Ossaert except that it’s a black metal band or project from the Netherlands. With a very particular style in the voices, I thought it was a fantastic job and very well accomplished. I hope to hear more from Ossaert in the future. Bedehuis is highly recommended, do not miss it.