IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in April 2020

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What can I say about metal? It gets in your blood. So many moods of it and I listen to alot in my spare time- vehicle, home, anywhere I can. I definitely enjoy the new sounds I’m discovering but find myself drawn back to previously released because something resonated for me. Sometimes metal holds a time place in mind and memory that stays. Darksun

Mgla – Exercises in Futility 
Northern Heritage Records – September 2015

When this album first came out I was literally sitting there just absorbing every riff, the vocals slayed me and the tone and atmosphere of this album gave me chills. I’ve not enough words to describe the feeling.  You know when music strikes a cord. This album did that for me.

Type O Negative – October Rust
Roadrunner Records – August 1996

This song just reaches in.  The last lyrics”Am I good enough for you” and how it fades off, haunting brilliance.  So many excellent tracks that Type O Negative created, with lyrical expansion that was mind blowing. 

Monarque – Ad NauseumReleased
Sepulchral Productions – March of 2009

This was a happy discovery for me.  Knowing this sound came from my country 🇨🇦 , I was glad to hear that Canada could produce such amazing black metal.  The Album “Ad Nauseum” is a favorite of mine.

Beautiful Death – Forgotten
Released 2019

I discovered this band one night, just one of those What is this? kind of nights.  I must’ve played this whole album from end to end. Couldn’t stop finding more to love from it. Acoustic black metal, atmospheric, full of emotion.  This I come back to often and just let the notes take me elsewhere.

Tool – Aenima
Zoo Entertainment – September 1996

Maynard magic with brilliant lyrics and vocals.I have a hard time picking from the Tool albums because each one has offered something amazing in my opinion.  I’ve been a fan of Tool for a long time, their music is immediately something I want to hear.