IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in April 2020

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Well… As it looks April is already gone. Damn… With all this world situation this month I had a very rough month. So time to listen to my beloved music was very hard, but I managed.

Empire of the Moon – Πανσέληνος
Floga Records – December 2014

This album, the second release, but the first album from this Greek Black Metal band is so good. It was a pleasure listening to this album again.

Winter Deluge – Devolution – Decay
Frozen Blood Industries – November 2016

This band from New Zealand does a very good Black Metal in my opinion. Very good. Check them. They are now in the Osmose Productions.

Dismember – Death Metal
Nuclear Blast – August 1997

For many not a very good album. For me… Well… I just say “It’s FCKG DISMEMBER so shut up”

Resurrection – Embalmed Existence
Nuclear Blast – April 1993

Man… I remember when this album was out. So good. No need to be brutal in order to be damn good.

Atomic Roar – Atomic Freaks
Bestial Invasion Records – February 2011

While I was looking for my private collection, my eyes looked to this one. Long time I didn’t listen to this album. Very good and contagious album.

Till next month

The Key Keeper