The BAZ Underground ABC – VIII – Letter “O”

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And here we are with The BAZ Underground ABC article. This time the letter chosen by us was the letter “O”. So, our writers chose some bands.
But, we can’t choose all. Not even close to being honest. So check our choices and enjoy your Sunday.

Band: Old Sorcery

Old Sorcery is a Finnish Dungeon Synth Black Metal project that formed and released their acclaimed debut work “Realms of Magikal Sorcery” back in 2017. The talent behind the band is Vechi Vrăjitor of Warmoon Lord, Musta Risti, and more recently Loanshark. read more

Old Sorcery has an old school sound that combines vintage synth with stunning black metal. For somebody who has only recently started dipping their toe into the bubbling dungeon synth cauldron, Old Sorcery has been a clear and instant stand out in the genre for me.

Since 2017 Vrăjitor has been fairly prolific with the release schedule and has managed to produce three full-length albums, two EPs, a split and a compilation in the discography. Additionally, there is a new split with Druadan Forest due for release on the 26th of this month. If, like me, you are intrigued by the mysterious world of dungeon synth but aren’t sure where to begin perhaps you could start that journey with a wizard’s hat and a bit of Old Sorcery. Proua Metallist

O is for… Opium Lord

As with another band I chose for a past edition of this feature (Torpor), Birmingham’s Opium Lord are a band I discovered thanks to the excellent Sludgelord Records (let your speaker die!!) when the label released the band’s second album “Vore” back in 2019. At the time I was really going at it hard for Sludge Metal and Opium Lord really fits the bill when you’re after some aggressive, abrasive, noisy Sludge. read more

Along with my record player (and all my other records!) my copy of “Vore” is tragically imprisoned over the border in Czechia and I have to admit I hadn’t listened to this album in a while, but listening to it again I am instantly reminded why I took to this band so immediately. It’d also be remiss of me not to mention the band’s debut album from 2015 “Eye of Earth”, which is another strong release. They’re heavy, they’re menacing and they sound like they want to do you harm. What’s not to love? Tom

Band: Obsecration

From Hellas is not only the very good Black Metal. They also do very good Death Metal, even if in my opinion not so well accepted or recognized in the rest of the metal family. Of course, there are plenty of good bands and I could mention a few (recent ones, or just with a few years) but, this is my sincere opinion. read more

But I decided to choose Obsecration. They are alive/active since 1991. Yep, true story. They have a lot of demos released, three EPs, seven albums, a few splits, two compilations, and one live album. The discography is quite big, to be honest. It would be hard to have all the releases.

I don’t have all, of course. In my private collection, I have a few albums, a few splits, and just 2 or 3 demos if I’m not by mistake (I need to confirm).
So I advise you to check this band if you don’t know and if you do… Well, listen to again this very good OSDM band. The Key Keeper 666

Note: Sometimes finding logos (good quality) and music links are not so easy even nowadays (So I try my best). So I’m sorry about some logos with not so good quality or links with bad quality sound. The Key Keeper 666 in the name of BAZ.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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