Dead or a Lie – Monster

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Band: Dead or a Lie
Title: Monster
Label: Independent
Release date: 14 February 2020
Country: Brazil
Format: Digital promo

This time I am going to talk about an album shared by a good Brazilian friend whom I met through his Instagram account. I was struck by his fanaticism for my country and his love not only for our customs, our beers and our best soccer (football) team, the glorious Peñarol. We began to interact and I soon discovered that Matheus was not only “one more Uruguayan” of feeling but also a very avid metalhead and CD collector. Soon I also discovered that he has a radio program called “Black Dog” that lasts an hour and has 3 well-defined blocks talking about the new and the old within the world of heavy metal and hard rock.

And to my pleasant surprise, he also plays bass and guitar in a band called Dead or a Lie. The band was formed in 2009 in the city of Araraquara, São Paulo, Brazil, with 5 members and after their debut album (2010) the band became a trio releasing 3 more albums in 2013, 2014 and 2016. After that the band was working quietly until now, bringing new light to their darkness. A change in the band name that was previously called Dead or Alive was also imposed. So the members are Matheus Vieira (guitars, bass), Carlos Olivera (guitars) and Wiliam Albino (vocals, drums). Matheus and Carlos are also partners in the radio show,

With all these condiments present, something good had to be cooked and on the menu, I find that they are releasing their latest album, “Monster”, of which we will talk next. It is always good to have the promo on hand before launching because thanks to that we can give it several listens and I must tell you that I´ve enjoyed it very much. When this review is published, the new work will already be fully available in Bandcamp and also in physical format in cd. So let´s go!

“Monster” is divided into 6 songs and they have managed every track with a phase in the fight against the stalker beast. The first piece, The “Anonymous Act” is a 30-second intro and the total work gives us a very enjoyable 25 minutes. It tells us a stimulating story of a human being fighting against himself, using metaphors of life in a prolonged howl that ultimately reflects the existence that each of us has in his passage through this world. We all have a monster that wants to surface and destroy everything we love or appreciate. A monster that we must control even if it is not easy. A monster that often wants to destroy ourselves, and when it finds us in low guard it becomes very dangerous.
The use of the acoustic guitar is spectacular in songs like “Never Look Away (Fear)” with a beautiful intro that gives way to a very catchy chorus that repeats forming the backbone of this song, which comes out from the depths of the soul screaming that it will never fall again Without fighting. The riffs are beautiful and the drum work is very good.

Next song, “Bad Dreams… No Crimes (Disturbance)” brought to my mind certain Queensrÿche influences in its sound, which masterfully presents the soul disturbed by its fears and internal wars to step out of the hole that opens under its feet and tries to absorb it forever. Another beautiful guitar work, bass lines, and a great drum performance. Mr. Wiliam’s voice is fantastic, clear and conquering.

“Leave no Trace (Torture)” is a great song about to overcome in strength that monster that must disappear and leave no trace. A song of hope that needs a lot of light to end the darkness. The chorus of this piece is fantastic, it will be repeated again and again in your mind until you burn the lyrics like a tattoo in the head.
Next, the self-titled “Monster” (Contemplation) is a discovering of what the person can do to live with no fears and regrets, living a normal life every day in the short life of the human being. The melodic elements used here are melancholic and deep and you feel that the storm that began at night is finishing in a beautiful sunrise, a totally clear sky.
To close this great album, “Life Itself (Faith)” opens the gate to a new life, more powerful, more natural, more enjoyable, free of fears and full of the simple things that make you feel alive, free forever.
A beautiful song that closes this work very well done and of great quality.
Lovers of classic heavy, with touches of stoner/sludge, will feel very comfortable with the sound
of Dead or a Lie. A band with many influences that blends the combinations in the right way.

Check them out and give them your support. Till next time. Jammerfal



9/10 To Greatness and Glory!
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.

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