IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in September 2019

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September, the end of summer, the beginning of a moodier and darker time of year. It had lots of great releases, of which I excluded the ones I reviewed, you can see my opinion on those in the review section of the website. These are some of my (otherwise) most played of the last month and a half, enjoy!

October 2019, Independent release

This single has been on repeat daily since it came out, most days I listen to it multiple times… It’s a very dark and depressing track, kind of fitting for the rainy mood of autumns onset!

If this is a teaser of what to come for TREVORs next album, I’m all onboard. The Ghost reminded me of the best of his darker work, like Death Dream and Ultraparanoia.

“They say you’re gone when you die
But are you here when you’re alive”

GOST – Valediction
October 2019, Century Media Records

Once again, GOST return and wreck genre-borders with this extremely varied album! Taking in influences from both Metal and Synthwave, offering Black Metal and Post-Punk elements especially, Valediction has been on repeat since its release day and I also happily bought the vinyl. Demonic shrieks and excellent clean vocals, heavy electronics, atmospheric synth-soundscapes and blast beats, this record has possibly everything one could want. I’d give it a solid 8.5/10!

I’m glad that this band gets the attention that they deserve.

You should definitely check this out too if you’re not shy of experimental albums.

PLEASURE SYMBOLS – Closer and Closer Apart
May 2019, AVANT! Records

Big thanks to @GothMark for this excellent recommendation, among others (check this article!). This band is like a female-fronted JOY DIVISION, very dark, post-punky music, they could very well be straight from the 80’s!

One of the moodiest releases of the year, this will for sure end up on my AOTY-list.

SULPHUR AEON – Gateway to the Antisphere
Van Records, 3rd April 2015

Since I was going to see SULPHUR AEON live (I have on October 2nd and it was amazing!) I listened to this masterwork on repeat the weeks before the gig and I did not in any way grow tired of it!

An excellent Blackened Death Metal album through and through and in addition having Lovecraftian topics, this is an album made for me, I’ll always enjoy coming back to the Antisphere!

CULT OF LUNA – A Dawn to Fear
September 2019, Metal Blade Records

What an experience! This album is over an hour long and it did not lose me in this long runtime, A Dawn to Fear is a journey that every metal fan should embark on. A definite 10/10 album, only a few albums out this year can rival CULT OF LUNAs new release, it will possibly be on top of my AOTY-list, we’ll see… Top 10 for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this list! If you want, tell me what you think of my choices on Twitter, I hope you have a great time, keep listening to great music, see you soon!

Yours truly,
the trve Medvson

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