IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in September 2019

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September was full of fantastic new albums and didn’t have much time to play older stuff but to enjoy everything new what came out. I must point out here my heavy rotation two albums which I already covered with a review on the zine – by SEMPITERNAL DUSK and by MORTAL INCARNATION. As usual, I don’t include the reviewed albums in the below list.

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ – When We Are Forgotten
August 2019, Napalm Records

AOTY contender. This is awesome black metal. Glorious!

BLUT AUS NORD – Hallucinogen
September 2019, Debemur Morti Productions

Awesome new direction was taken by the band. Absolute hallucinatory black metal. AOTY contender.

Read what the trve Medvson has spoketh about it in his review here.

MGŁA – Exercises in Futility
September 2015, Northern Heritage Productions

Absolute klassik. One of the best BM albums ever. Period.

MGŁA – Age of Excuse
September 2019, Northern Heritage Productions

AOTY contender. Another masterpiece by the Polish guys. Sounds amazing live too! This album along with “Exercises in Futility” were in constant rotation in September. And we all know EIF is absolute klassik! But I said that already…

And yes – I saw MGŁA live! BTW you must check Apollo’s review here.

BORKNAGAR – True North
September 2019, Century Media

The best Borknagar up to date? I think so! This album is a masterpiece and AOTY contender.

Count Vlad

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