IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in September 2019

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This month has been almost exclusively dedicated to unorthodox black metal and I can say with certainty that I got to enjoy some pretty damn good albums. Here are some of the highlights.

BLUT AUS NORD – Hallucinogen
September 2019, Debemur Morti Productions

It would be simply too weird to open this list without the new album by the illustrious Blut Aus Nord. As we expected, this record marks a shift in style for the band and I certainly love it. It’s a hazy, hallucinogenic (it’s even in the title) trip. A lot to uncover in this almost 48 minutes long journey.

DÖDSRIT – Spirit Crusher
September 2018, Prosthetic Records

Listening to this album, I found myself experiencing a slew of feeling, all of them very intensely: fear, heart-ache, anger, angst, hopefulness, peace. While some may be contradictory, my opinion towards this crust-punk\black hybrid will remain unconflicted.

WHITE WARD – Love Exchange Failure
September 2019, Debemur Morti

I still remember the day I heard WHITE WARD for the first time. Listening to their sophomore effort brings up those beautiful memories flooding my mind. Unique is the best word to describe this stunning work of art, but if you need more words to be convinced, check what the Count had to say about it here (spoiler alert: he gave it a 10/10).

March 2019, Sentient Ruin Laboratories

This is the record I deeply regret not reviewing. While this falls very well under the black ambient term, I like to think of it as minimalist black metal. If you listen to it you might give in to my label. Anyway, my point is that Sutekh Hexen creates an asphyxiating atmosphere with a few elements that form a disturbing and haunting sound.

WAYFARER – World’s Blood
May 2018, Profound Lore Records

I simply adore this album. Not a week passes without me revisiting it and now with the cold season on its way, it might become a daily endeavour. The feeling of isolation is unparalleled. Flawless.

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