IN ROTATION 666: Our most played albums in H1 2019

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Maybe it’s just me, but the past few years have been great for extreme music. Promising bands emerged, some already existing ones solidified their status, but all strived to push the boundaries and limits of music and up until now, this trend also continued in 2019. Now, 6 months have passed and now it’s time to look back at some of the albums I think stood out from the crowd.


This record transports you into a world of its own and it’s beautiful. What I see is a world in which humans didn’t exist and as a result, nature reigns supreme over Earth. For its entire duration, you’ll explore this alternate reality, before you’ll be abruptly brought back on this human infested planet.


     When I heard that Oranssi Pazzuzu and Dark Budha Rising are teaming up for an album I was nothing short of excited. Both bands are equally unique and bizzare so one can expect the end result of this collaboration to follow in the same manner. You’ll be happy to know that Syntheosis does nothing but exceed those expectations. There’s no point in trying to describe it, so just grab a pair of headphones and embark on this psychedelic journey.

KALEIKR – Heart of Lead

     Iceland is probably best known for its flourishing black metal scene and the now iconic, frigid, distant atmosphere of the music. What Kaleikr set out to do is morph those elements and use them in a more personal setting. Heart of Lead is an excruciatingly emotional album. Listening to it repeatedly is not an easy task but there are so many things to unpack. 

ÁRSTÍÐIR LÍFSINS – Saga á tveim tungum I: Vápn ok viðr

     There is something frustrating when you’ll never be able to pronounce the name of an album you like. More so when you can’t even write it. Jokes aside, I felt this record has been sadly overlooked. This album is simply epic. The celtic elements are so well embedded in the mix that at times you’ll feel like you’re aboard a Viking warship, braving the cold, unforgiving seas. I hope this band will get the attention it deserves.

MISCARRIAGE – Imminent Horror

     This is by far the most vile record I have in my collection. With its trudging pace, it sounds like a monolithic, amorphous flesh monster made out of tortured beigns, each screaming in agony. Still, I feel like whatever I say is not going to come close to the level of horror this record displays. 



     I’ll end this list with the sonic opposite of Misscariage. What Flesh of the Stars lacks in blast beats, screams or growls, it makes up with melodic and proggy guitar lines, beautiful harmonious vocals and overall a “feel good” sound. I know this record came out a few weeks ago, but trust me, it’s that good.

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