Radien – Aste

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Band: Radien
Title: Aste
Label: Bunkkeri Records
Release date: 03 July 2019
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

The first impression after listening to the songs and before reading anything from the band was… A bit strange to accept the music inside me.
Decided to listen to more 2 times without reading anything about the band. Better…

Much better to be honest. So, I put it on the repeat mode and started to dig info from the band. First in the promo pack that I got from the label and after that do some research on the net.

The band is composed in this records by:
Jyri Kuukasjärvi // vocals, synth
Felipe Hauri // guitar, synth, vocals
Tommi Mutka // bass, vocals
Tuomo Lehtinen // drums

And these 4 musicians deliver to me just two songs. Yes, the EP it only has two songs and it is the fourth release from the band.

TUNNE (12:24) and HAUDAT (10:24)

So let me start to talk about these two songs and what the band is playing in order for you to support them. Do not forget the label too.
Well, let me start then.

“Tunne” (If the translator did it correctly, means Feeling)… It started with some synths and some female voice “singing” or should I say with “lamenting”. Yes, that is the correct. And Noora Kauppila did it with an amazing “strength”, feeling, “love”, involvement, bonding, affection with all she was saying, sadly I couldn’t understand and I didn’t get the lyrics in the promo. Almost at the end of all this, it started one male voice doing “throat singing”, the voice was by Juuso Raunio. Both voices together with the music, they started to transport me, to inside the music and start to feel it inside me.
After all this kind of “intro” the four musicians started to play what the band is doing, what the band is. They are moving inside the Sludge Metal with some atmosphere around it, some synths and some experimental sounds too. And then… Around minute 8 of the song when I thought that I couldn’t be more surprised I started to listen to a stringed instrument. I recognized the sound but I couldn’t remember the name (I went to the promo sheet peek) and it was Igil (an instrument with only two strings) and with the Igil once more the “Throat singing”… So this time I’m listening again 3 parts (band/throat singing/Igil) and the mix is good, the “aura” and the ambiance around it is amazing. The song continues and it’s not easy to get out of the cadence of the song…

“Haudat” (if the translator did it correctly, means Tombs) is the second and the last song of the EP. It is much heavier than the previous song, with more “rhythm” and the cadence in this song is stronger. It looks different but at the same time is not. It is like a continuation or a sequel from “Tunne” but is not, but it is at the same time. Well, this song couldn’t be alone, doesn’t make sense that. So the song really does part of the continuation or sequel. So, I can say (after many times listening to these two songs) that this EP is very well achieved. Very well done by these four musicians. And when the saxophone (played by Tommi Rapeli) appears in this song… Tchhhh… The ambiance and the atmosphere around the song are amazing.

Last words… Music, it’s not only the rhythm, the good guitar player, good voices, good drum or bass work. Is everything together with everything around it. When I decided to pick this release to listen I was in a strange mood, a kind of Dark Side mood. This EP pull me back. This EP will play many times in my stereo. That is for sure. Thanks to the band for the quality and thanks for the label who sent me the promo. 8.5/10 The Key Keeper



8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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