IN ROTATION 666: Our most played albums in H1 2019

11 min read


With life moving so fast these days it’s nice to take a few moments of reflection on all of the amazing metal music released this year. There’s been some truly epic releases from bands like Beheaded, Memoriam, Vltimas, Hate, Possesed, Malevolent Creation, Allegaeon, Nocturnus AD, Tribe of Pazuzu, Candlemass, and Overkill. All the while, the underground has also been busy as hell, leaving metalheads with no shortage of killer tunes to blast. Flub, Hath, Aoratos, Firespawn, Demiurgon, Kaleikr, Hellripper, Fractal Universe, Temple of Demigod, Traveler, and Ossuarium are all worth your time as well if you haven’t already checked them out. There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months, but let’s just enjoy the present today, shall we? Check out another six of my favourite releases from 2019 below!

Independent – February 16

Some incredibly killer technical death metal from Canada. The drums hit just as hard as the riffs so buckle up!

EQUIPOISE – “Demiurgus”
The Artisan Era – March 8

Another wicked tech death band full of wicked progressive and multifaceted tunes. Also a contender for my favourite album art of the year.

CHAINBREAKER – “Lethal Desire”
Hells Headbangers Records – February 15

Some good old fashion Canadian Speed metal to get the blood pumping! Like a mosh pit timewarp back to the days when Razor and Exciter reigned supreme.


InsideOut Music – March 29

This one is going to be controversial for some on metal AOTY lists due to its proggy structure and over the top eccentricities. Nevertheless, it is a banger and has plenty heavy as hell moments!


DESECRAVITY – “Anathema”
Willowtip Records – January 25

Another lightning fast tech death that fill rip your face off if your not careful. This album is some of their best work yet and is relentlessly satisfying.

MUSMAHHU – “Reign of the Odious”
Iron Bonehead Productions – January 11

Wickedly volatile death metal played by black metal artists. The end result is an album that cuts deep and leaves you for dead in the dank tomb you wandering into.