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Well… Sunday… This time I decided to do a special Death Metal article. Yes, only Death Metal bands.
We all know that are plenty of Death Metal styles, Death Black, Death Thrash, Death Grind, Brutal Death, Death Doom and etc etc etc.
I tried to stay just in the OSDM… But I was not alone. #MetalGentleman #TomBoatman #MetalYeti and #CountVlad also gave some suggestions, so we are all guilty in this amazing list…
So, I went to Bandcamp and started digging, well, not all, some I already knew and I decided to check them again.

So check them, support the bands and do not forget the labels.

Ripped to Shreds – 魔經 – Demon Scriptures – 14 June 21019
Pulverised Records
After the demo released in March and reviewed (here), they are back with this EP.

Carnal Tomb – Abhorrent Veneration – 24 July 2019
Testimony Records
This band is one the must have to listen to bands…

Nucleus – Entity – 10 June 2019
Me Saco un Ojo Records
Uh la la. Very interesting…

Rotted – Dying to Rot – 14 June 2019
Maggot Stomp
For lovers of dirty filthy rotten Death Metal.
Sedimentum – Demo – 21 June 2019
The first release from this band. Very good.
Macabro – Macabro – 21 June 2019
The South American always had a unique way of doing music. Check them.
Predatoria – Casting Shadows – 16 March 2019
You need to check this young band from Belgium.
Necrosphere – Blasphemous Dominions – 06 April 2019
The only release till now from this very good band. Check it.
Absconder – Destruction of the Lower Half – 01 January 2019
Headsplit Records
Old school with some primitive attitude. Love it.
Dawn Of Obliteration – Ruins – 20 June 2019
Very good this release from the German band.

Lik – Carnage – 04 May 2018
Metal Blade Records
Lik has everything a Swedish death metal band should have: ferocity, a big sound, vicious vocals, repulsive lyrics and that delicious buzzsaw tone. All hail the HM-2.

Scorched – Ecliptic Butchery – 28 September 2018
20 Buck Spin
Listening to Scorched is like watching an 80’s gorry horror movie. It’s mostly guts and blood, not so frightening, but hellishly fun.

Bloodsoaked Necrovoid – Horrid Manifestations of the Perennial Immensity – 21 June 2019
Testimony Records
Bloodsoaked Necrovoid deliver the sound of a hellish volcanic rain. Dirty, grimy production, gut ripping guitars and demonic dirges.

Undeath – Phantasmal Festering – 29 July 2019
Caligari Records
Giving off a definite whiff of Demilich, Undeath’s sound is combines guttural vocals, dirty, gritty guitars and hammering percussion. The sound of your guts hitting the floor.

Gods Forsaken – Smells Of Death – 19 April 2019
Soulseller Records
With proven line up in the roots of the genre, Gods Forsaken brought us true Swedish Death Metal album, as it is written in the big books. Oh yeah, it smells of death!

Beheaded – Only Death Can Save You – 14 June 2019
Agonia Records
Immense brutality coming from Malta! No BS, no thrills, only chills…Being active since 1995, now this is the sixth album of the band. And it comes to destroy!

Ossuary – Supreme Degradation – 15 May 2019
One of the best demos I’ve heard ever! 4 tracks, stinking, rotting, crushing!

Feral – Flesh For Funerals Eternal – 30 December 2018
Transcending Obscurity Records
I still wonder why the hell this album was released on 30 December?! This is not the most important though. Beasts, demons, and death live in these Swedes’  intensive OSDM.

Angerot – The Splendid Iniquity – 13 April 2018
Black Market Metal
One of the best Swedish OSDM/HM-2 worships most recently, coming from US. With guest appearances by LG Petrov and James Murphy. This whole album is splendid (and mandatory) addition to any DM fan!

Nocturnal Hollow – A Whisper of a Horrendous Soul – 29 March 2019
Redefining Darkness Records / Raw Skull Recordz
Venezuela delivers! It’s a high quality death metal, rooting again in the Scandinavian scene. Makes me feel so good while listening to it!

Death Vomit – Gutted by Horrors – 13 August 2018
Hells Headbangers Records
The old school is alive as hell in Chile! Full of blistering solos and holding an unrelenting pace of swarming guitars, these maniacs deliver absolutely crushing death metal with every track. How could a band called Death Vomit be disappointing?

Till next time…
The Key Keeper
(In the name of all)


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