Black Friday XXIII – Underground Reco For Underground Maniacs

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Week after week and we do not notice that time really flies. It looks that was yesterday that we started with this new website. It looks that was yesterday that everything started… Tchhhh… Week by week and we didn’t notice that and other things, like people that we know and them kids, are bigger than us, ahahahahahahahahah. That we have already some white hair or white beard. But one thing we notice it is that there are still releases that are worth listening to and we do not have enough time to hear everything. Ahahahahahahah. So I hope you enjoy my choices…

Gravefields (Ireland/France)- Embrace The Void – Redefining Darkness Records
Two European guys located at this moment in Egypt doing some Black Death Metal with very interesting details in the music and the vocals. 9 songs do this album a good listening. Check them.

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Nuitville (Ukraine) – When the Darkness FallsAshen Dominion
One-man-band playing Atmospheric Post-Black Metal. Unfortunately, the EP (for me is a demo since it is the first release) only have 3 songs. Well to be honest only two original songs and one cover song. Check them.


Martyrium (Chile) – Children Scream for Mercy – Australis Records
In recent years I have been aware of many bands from Chile. The band self-called as Thrash Metal but in my opinion, they are Crossover. If you like D.R.I. and all bands in this vein. This is for you. Check them.


Ov Lustra (USA) – Tempestas – Black Lion Records
This young band from the USA brought me some really good Blackened Death Metal even if it has keys and some orchestral stuff behind it. They got my attention from the first till the last song. Check them.

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Putrified J (Belgium) – The Deep End Of Horror – Comatose Music
Two guys doing a lot of noise like the metal non-lovers say. Well, for me they do not do noise and they are in the Brutal Death Metal music style. And a very good one to be honest. Check them.

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Humanart (Portugal) – (Further) Into the Depths – Dark Age Works
I’m following this band since the first release and sadly they are not constant and/or regular in their releases, which means that there are many years between releases. In the past, they were more related to Black Death Metal but now they have an excellent Black Metal album. Check them.

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Till next #BlackFriday
Stay metal.

The Key Keeper

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