Kvilla – The Ward

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Band: Kvilla
Title: The Ward
Label: Indepedent
Country: England
Release date: 13 November 2020
Format: High-quality digital recording

There were so many records released in 2020 that it’s easy to miss hidden gems of the underground, and I’m glad I caught these guys debut before 2020 seemed so far behind us..

Kvilla describe thier sound as a blend of hardcore, black metal and shoegaze and id have to agree! it is an uncompromising mix of these styles and its strewn all the way through the EP! The first two tracks sound like two different bands, “Stigma” is almost dissonant black shoegaze and ‘Red Pill’ is hitting that hardcore punk energy and tempo which felt very natural and fun. Then into “Wake Up?” with a Gojiraesque riffs, tremolos and bounce and adding that aforementioned hardcore influence and boy does this song hit! If wasn’t for the shrieking and screams of the vocalist you would not be able to tell it`s the same band at all!…and its brilliant.

“Outlast” is the “filler track” as it were, but in no way is it bad more of an issue with consistency when writing records that have so many great tracks on them so possibly self-edit would have been good? But hey it’s a debut so I don’t think it matters too much.

Now onto to “Swan”, this track I liked ALLOT! it is the most progressive sounding song on the record showing some chops from the band writing ability and vision and im impressed, ending on a eearie sample and dissonant bell melody of “Orchid” reminding me of industrial/EBM bands which felt very natural and didint come across thrown in or compramising and giving a fitting end to the EP.

Kvilla achieved something interesting, it surprised me with what i didn’t expect but also gave what I hoped to hear at the same time, and as a new band making thier debut? What a fantastic start to thier career. 8/10 Kieran


8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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