Aberration – Aberration

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Band: Aberration
Title: Aberration
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Release date: 15 January 2021
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Yet another EP awaits me as my last 200 reviews have also revolved around, and this time it´s Aberration and their upcoming self-tiled work. With only three tracks, titled I, II and III, I didn’t have my hands particularly full, however, it did stark an interest.

“I” inspires an instant true death metal vibe as the thunderous guitar sound tones in. Not exactly as traditional American death metal, it turns more towards ambient dark death in sort of a form of a musical machine. Although filled with madness and filth there is also beauty present in the analog sounding drums and ambient guitars. Just as you have no idea anymore what you are listening to it steers you in the right direction again. Vocals are drowned in reverb and delay, and I was delighted by the low feel of it all in the form of chaotic fever dream played in slow motion. With performance and production up to standards, there really is no way to go wrong here and all you have to really do is to give this music a chance and feel the flow, as a nice track is hidden in here that is quite easy to find.

“II” does not, as expected, differ too much from the first track when it starts and you get the first impression. No chance is given to really hear any of the lyrics as I don’t think I’ve ever heard such low vocals; however, it doesn’t seem to matter because as the whole deal here clearly is the mood that the whole assembly creates. The guitars blend together in all their dissonance and slow-paced chaos, raising the question of how many of them are actually there. Almost as an in-between track, there is some here to like for traditional death metal fans, as well as a whole lot more to love for the fans of ambient, horrific, oppressive, and more hellish takes on music. Awful, but in an un-awful way?

“III” is the track I plan to play if I ever get taken to hell on a train. Through the dark and menacing hallways and catacombs below the ground blended with the “oh fuck where am I going?” sort of thought. It´s hard to tell what the guitars are playing behind the effects, but I am getting a bit of Immolation along with some Strapping Young Lad.

So, quite short but sweet mini album from this USA based group. What they do is a good job, although surely this is not for everyone. As a personal preference I would say that “I” is my favorite, and a big kudos to the production. Fairly short for a release, but not something to complain about. 7/10 Julia Katrin



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