IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in November 2018

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Another month from the calendar called life has gone. November was great in terms of new releases. I was checking some older stuff as well, and thinking about year-end lists. As usual, the below five records does are not part of those which I have reviewed/interviewed for Blessed Altar Zine or what had been part of the others Sunday posts, because it is natural that I’d spent quite a lot of time with them.

MORGAL – Morgal EP
2018, Werewolf Records

Among the finest 15 minutes of music in 2018! Crazy unbelievable black metal. Period. This is the best EP album released in 2018!

2018, Nuclear Blast

Warlock meets Phantom Blue in 2018. I was so captivated by this record. It’s not typical for me, though I really enjoy it very much. Great riffs and melodies here. So sticky. Seraina singing is huge.

Burning Witches self-titled album (2016) was in heavy rotation by me as well. I really liked the ladies and their music. Goodies are on their way too – in special colors and signed.

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA – Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough
2018, Nuclear Blast

TNFO have always been my guilty pleasure since I heard them for the first time. Because of the great music and the nostalgia they bring. Another amazing record in 2018 as well.

As in previous months the record was in heavy rotation with me. The tracks are flawless, remind me of great times, which will never to return. It is my lost childhood, the 80s, those neverending easy summers…

HEADS FOR THE DEAD – Serpent’s Curse
2018, Transcending Obscurity Records

Epic death metal record. Crushing sound and vocals. Heavy and uncompromising AF.

A FLOCK NAMED MURDER – An Appointed Time
2018, Independent

Playing this since the date of its release – 31 October. Fantastic blackened sludge/doom. Heavy, mesmerising, progressive. Sad. Painful. Stabbing. Yes, the record has similar artwork made by Adam Burke, to Lurk’s glorious epos from this year (artwork by the same artist) and explore similar genre. AFNM’s album is definitely among the finest releases this year. Seems to be that the blackened sludge with post- elements is getting speed.

Count Vlad