IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in November 2018

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THE KEY KEEPER’S TOP 5 ALBUMS played in November (in no particular order)

November… The days start to be smaller and smaller and the cold gets colder…

Asagraum (Netherland) – Potestas Magicum Diaboli
2017 – Kvlt

The quality of this band is very good. This is a Black Metal band with the feeling of the ’90s. No more words. Just listen.

Falaise (Italy) – My Endless Immensity
2017 – A Sad Sadness Song

With album was the first time I heard the band. Not my kind of Black Metal but the quality is good and because of that, I listen.

Horrified (England) – Allure of the Fallen
2017 – Shadow Kingdom Records

In the past, they were more related to Death Metal but in this album, they are playing a mix of Black Death Doom Metal. Good songs you will find there. Well done.

Lascar (Chile) – Saudade
2017 – A Sad Sadness Song

The first reason that I put my eyes on this album it was because of the name of the album. A Portuguese word… After that, start to listen to and… The quality of the whole album is good, and it’s not my kind of Black Metal… I need to ear the last album from them…

Infinity (Netherland) – Non de Hac Terra
2012 – New Era Productions

With this band, I can never get tired or saturated to listen. Very good indeed. Very good the Black Metal they do.

The Key Keeper