IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in November 2018

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November on the west coast of Norway is dark, cold, rainy, windy and just plain shitty, the days are getting shorter and darker, no there is no snow on the west coast, just darkness. November is however perfect for listening to Black metal, which colors my list. 5 releases from 2018, a stellar year for Black Metal.

TOP 5 (In no particular order):

Iskald – Innhøstinga (Norway)

2018 Indie Recordings

Released just after the summer, their 5th album, and their best to date. Classic Norwegian Black Metal from Bodø.

Sjukdom – Stridshymner og Dødssalmer (Norway)
2018, Osmose Productions

Their second album released in October, Sjukdom shows that you can play traditional BM without it being stale and stuck following an imaginary book of tight rules.  Balancing the rawness and clear production.

Adragard – From the Burning Mist (Italy)
2018, Perkun Records

Adragard is “Pure underground old-school Black Fucking Metal” according to their statement. And yes, it surely is. In 2017 they resurrected, this time with a full lineup, releasing one of 2018`s finest Black Metal albums.

Medieval Demon – Medieval Necromancy (Greece)
2018, Hells Headbangers Records 

Medieval Demon is a symphonic Black Metal Band from Athens. Fantastic album from a band who started out in the early 90s and released this, their best album, in 2018.

Morgal – Morgal (Finland)

The EP of the year in my book. 4 tracks, 15 minutes of pure blizz! Black Metal from the underground of Finland.  0% MORAL 0% LAW 100% FUCK YOU.