Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us

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Band: Wormhole
Title: The Weakest Among Us
Label: Lacerated Enemy Records
Release date: 14 January 2020
Country: USA
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

When it comes to slamming brutal death metal you need only a few simple ingredients. Aggressive pacing on the percussions, disgusting vocals, and of course an unrelenting slamming wave off technical riffs and raw power on guitar. Enter WORMHOLE. As far as the cover art goes, they merge horror and the interstellar in fantastic fashion but are pretty tame in comparison to others in the genre to be honest. Instrumentally they bring all the essentials and much more. This is the second full length from the band since 2016 and WORMHOLE have brought their tech slam sound the new levels. “The Weakest Among Us” embraces the full technical potential of the riffs and leaves nothing behind in their assault.

Our voyage towards the wormhole starts with the title track which lays down some extremely groovy melodies and dirty as hell bass licks. The slick bass takes centre stage for breakdowns and riffing alike only taking a break for the bone rending solo that shreds over the symphony of blast beats. “rA9/myth” starts with a fun sample before continuing to deliver solid breakdowns and a slew killer moments shining through in the melodies.

“D-S3”, “Wave Quake Generator Plasma Artillery Cannon”, “The Gas System” continue with more of the same. Putrid gurgly vocals with thick breakdowns mess with the tempo as the technical riffing and absolutely filthy bass guitar lays down the mortar of a brilliant album. “Ultrafrigid” and “Quad MB” crank things up a notch and have some of the craziest portions of the album. They don’t lay things out on the table, but instead feature chaos in the fills and progressions between the relentless heavy chug. WORMHOLE end with a sum of all things as “Ingswarm” engulfs with more killer lead bass work and slamming breakdowns mixed with some intricate cosmic shredding before eventually reaching our destination at the event horizon.

As far as the as brutal slamming death metal spectrum goes, WORMHOLE are a goddamn treat. They deliver all the crushing madness you want with a layer of dare I say catchy technical heavy moments with the guitar solos and wild bass work setting the hook deep. The blast beats just push the hooks deeper. The vocals are perfect for the material but could be an obstacle for fans attracted from the tech death genres. “The Weakest Among Us” is a wicked album full of devastating slamming moments and bass tangents that rival legends like Beyond Creation, Gorguts, and Equipoise. The album tracks in at just over 28 minutes which gives you more than enough time to enjoy yourself before spaghettification begins and you enter the wormhole! 8/10 Metal Yeti


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8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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