Mandibulla – Bleeding Black

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Band: Mandibulla
Title: Bleeding Black
Label: Solitude Productions
Release date: 13 December 2019
Country: Brazil
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Hola! And here we go again!

2020 is under way and we must press on with our support for the underground.
This time I want to bring to your attention to a band from the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. MANDIBULLA!
I came across them in Bandcamp, took a listen and was thrilled to know they were from South America and especially from Brazil a country that gave the world many great metal bands. But really, I never knew a band that was sons of the riffs, followers of the patron Saint Anthony. So, I needed to get some words written…

The sound of rainfall opens this album and of course our mind relates to that album we all know about that came out 50 years ago, right? There are no tolling bells though, but an eerie piano melody that gets the guitar going. Thick riffs in mid-tempo as the band gather pace. And then we get unto the 1.20 minutes when the Iommi worship is on full display as the “Chooga chooga chooga chooga” drills a hole into your skull! Want it heavy? Want it doomy? You asked for it!! Cristiano Maffra´s vocals navigates comfortably through the riffs as the band lets loose all the doom they have in them. Their sound reminds more of the Iommi self-titled solo album rather than Black Sabbath. Really strong guitar work as the backbone of MANDIBULLA sound attack and a powerful clean voice with an aggressive delivery that gives the songs a kind of sludge feel.

As the albums play on we can hear many more modern metal elements present as the sound steps away from the sabbath worship riff of the first song (Alone). As I said Iommi´s 2000 album is where my mind went at first, and then I’m thinking about how bits of “A Dream Within A Dream” reminds me of Corrosion of Conformity. Another influence I hear might be Black Label Society and Zakk Wylde´s riffery. In all, it´s a great run of songs and a nice presentation card for a first release.

This album is not a 70´s stoner/doom one. It´s a super heavy and very metal doom one with deep roots on the Iommi school as well as the bands that kept the torch lit through the 90´s and later unto these days. So now it´s time for MANDIBULLA to do their part in this 50-year journey and yes, they can deliver. I hope they get the attention they surely deserve. 8/10 Perrö

How about a walk in “The Garden”


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8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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