IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in December 2019

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Saint Karloff – At The Mountains of Loudness

After including the band later release of 2019 on my AOTY list, i found myslef playinf this EP a lot in December. Also from 2019 has a 11 minute song and a cover from the UK band Devil´s Witches, named Supervixen. Aside from the cool Lovecraft reference in the title of the EP, the music is just awesome of course. At The Mountains of Loudness is head on fuzzy riff assault on your senses. While Supervixen electric take gives us another perspective from which to ejnoy this great song.

Hazemaze – Hazemaze

What can I say? Another band of my year list. After reviewing their 2017 Live At Copperfields I was constanlty coming back to this album. Trying to graps the differences between the live takes and the studio ones was a fun excercise. This full lenght debut is just as good as their sophomore recording. Maybe not as heavy and dark, but heavy and dark you will get anyway of course. We live for this kind of riffs.

Green Lung – Free The Witch

Ok, I have no regrets. Yes, another of my year list and my fave of them all. But althoug I have been playing Woodland Rites non stop, I also have been listenting a lot to their EP Free The Witch that is just as addictive with it´s sharp riffs and high pitch vocals that sing about Lucifer and it´s lady lovers. This EP showcases how good the band was coming to their first full length. This band just get me. As said, I´m not sorry.
Burn Churches, not Witches!


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