IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in December 2019

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We have arrived into a new decade and I for one am looking forward to all the metal madness that the coming days are sure to bring. The last 10 years was marked with tremendous ups and downs for metalheads. We had the rise and fall of genre fads and a renaissance to form for many legendary and underground acts alike. My rotation the last few weeks has been a mix of my favourites from 2019 and a lot of material that I picked up from others year ends favourite lists. Cheers to all the metal coming on the horizon, but it the meantime take some time to enjoy some of the amazing material you may have missed along the way. Metal Yeti

Weresquatch – The Maddening Memoirs

This one was released on Halloween and packs one hell of a punch. Just like the band name would have you believe, listening to this amazing thrashy goodness will make you body hair grow and your fangs and claws sharpen. With an agressions similar to bands like Kreator, this one is not to be missed!

Cianide – Unhumanized

This death doom metal EP is monstrous. Cianide are one of the gernes legends and with the decade almost devoid of new material from the band (with a full length in 2011 and a split a few years back), it was awesome to get a new EP in the dying days. Unhumanized is as heavy and as raw as you’d expect. Well worth your time!

Traveler – Traveler

Two canadian bands took my number 1 and 2 spots for favourite release this year but they were far from the only two Canucks on my list. Another band that I am super happy to have seen on so many other peoples year end lists is Traveler. They embody a classic heavy metal spirit that ignites a bonfire of unbridled power and metal madness with their tunes. Crank this one up max and show the neighbours some good old fashion metal fun!

Cerebral Rot – Odious Descent Into Decay

It’s not a bad problem to have when there are too many wicked releases in your favourite genre of music. 2019 was unrelenting with amazing death metal releases. Cerebral Rot are not to be overlooked in this churning maelstrom of badassery. Especially considering this is the band’s debut LP, they had one of the best releases of the year, pushing the boundaries of old school limits with new sinister sounds in their riffs, giving their blend of death an edge over many of their rivals. Give them the respect they deserve and enjoy your odious decent into decay.

Wildrun – Veil of Imagination

I will have to admit that this one caught me off guard. I am a big progressive metal fan but I’ve always had a harder time finding bands that stray from the extreme influences at their core. Wildrun flew under my radar for too long, but I am happy to say that I have been enjoying them thoroughly the last few weeks. The townsend-esc eccentricities are not over the top and they are mixed perfectly with on point symphonic elements and brilliant vocals. It gives these guys a lot of replay value and leaves a lot to be explored on every listen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey that Wildrun take you on with their veil of imagination.


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