IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in December 2019

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Slaughtered Priest – Serpentes Nekrowhores

If you like Black Metal mixed with the aggressivity and contagious riffs from the Thrash Metal… This is for you.

Terdor – Levi I

I always loved this band, yes, that is the true word. They do a Black Metal that in my opinion is really good. Strange to many but so good to others.

Tyranny Enthroned – Born of Hate

This band sounds so good. The Blackened Death Metal they do is very good.

Lifeless – Godconstruct

If you like Old School Death Metal you must to grab this album.

Forefather – Deep Into Time

The band likes to call themself to “Anglo-Saxon metal”. In my opinion, they just play Black Viking Metal. I have the Heidens Hart Records edition that comes to some bonus.

Till next month

The Key Keeper

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